Hell’s Paradise Vol.3 Review

Hell’s Paradise Vol.3 is a ride from start to finish. With Shonen mangas it’s not uncommon to have intense fights back to back. But this one takes it to a whole new level. It almost feels like that’s all it is, people fighting and struggling to stay alive. It’s almost like the John Wick of mangas.

But of course it does have a story and a pretty great one at that, it’s split up in two different parts following two different groups. One being Gabimaru and his group that consist of Yuzuriha, Senta,and Yamada. While the other group follows Tenza, Nurugai, and Shion. With both groups on separate missions but both still sharing one common goal: finding the Elixir of Life. And to further go off of that we find what fuels the elixir of life and how it’s powers affect those around native to the island.

While on another side of the island we have Gabimaru and his team. Their story doesn’t start off as intense, it doesn’t take long at all for it to really get going. They quickly run into a girl and a monster who they soon befriend. Shortly after they both explain why they are on the island, the structure of the island, and the location of the elixir. But in order to get to the to even get it thet must face Lord Tensen who has taken countless lives, and made it his goal to murder anyone he sees on the island. And to make matters worse he can’t be killed. But this doesn’t really strike fear into Gabimaru one bit. If anything it only further pushes him to reach the elixir so he can get back with his wife. 

As said before the story is broken into two different plots happening at the same time, but on different parts of the island. Tenzas story is the secondary story happening and isn’t all that long in comparison to Gabumaru and his group. But that doesn’t mean that this is any less important, as a matter of fact it was the most heavy hearted thing to happen in the book with an intense fight will leave you wanting to cry like a baby. You get more of an understanding of who he is a character, as well as his origins with him and his master Shion. And why he shares such a strong bond with Nurugai.

One thing I found enjoyable too was their interactions with one another. It felt like at least for Gabimaru and the others got to finally wind down a bit. It was a nice change of pace because we got to see them relax and just be happy for a little while. And to top it off we got to see some pretty cute flashbacks with Gabimaru and his wife.

And of course the fight scenes were the highlight of the book. Each fight was as intense as the one before with the bar being raised higher and higher. And just when you thought the fight would play out one way they’d sweep the rug from right under you and hit you with something you weren’t expecting at all. And that’s what made them even more fun to read because you never knew what to expect.

Lastly just as all great mangas do they leave you wanting more with a great ending. This manga was a joy to read, and kept me worried all throughout the story because I was in constant fear that everyone was going to die at any given moment.  Hell’s Paradise Vol. 3 drops July 21st for 12.99$. Be sure to pick it up when it does at Viz.com 

Xbox Has New Free Games For A Limited Time

Microsoft and Warnerbros have given The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game for free. There’s no catch at all, just go ahead and download this 50 dollar game for free right now. But it’s important that you make sure to do it before tomorrow because sometime tomorrow they will go back to it’s normal price of 50 dollars.

There’s no real reason why this is happening too. This may be some marketing strategy to get people back on the Lego Ninjago series. Or this very well might even be an accent. And some are guessing that this is an accident because things like this have happened in the past.

And you have totally nothing to lose by downloading this game(expect for room on your hard drive). It’s no secret that the Lego games have always been a charming game to play. They make for great couch Coop, and even online Coop. So worse cause you got a fun game to play with the people stuck with you in quarantine, or a new game to play online with your buddies. It’s honestly a win win so hurry up and download it today before it goes back on sale tomorrow.

Try Landing The Internal Space Station Without Crashing It

SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule will be making it’s first delivery later this week to the International Space Station (ISS). And to celebrate this the people over at SpaceX have made a space sim so we can all get an idea of how hard it is to fly a spaceship.

https://iss-sim.spacex.com/ (click her to launch the website and play it)

As soon as you launch the website you’re greeted with the same opening that the Crew Dragon Capsule is. If you’re playing it on a computer it has the same basic controls as any other video game. That being WASD, with Q, and E. And if you’re on a phone or tablet you can just touch the screen.

The HUD has just about everything you’ll need in order to dock your ship. And at first it may seem like a lot is being thrown at you. Which is true it is there is little to no room for error. And if you’re off your mark at all you could very well crash and blow up both spacecraft which is bad for everyone.

I will say this too playing this simulator has given me that much more respect for astronauts. Because it is a lot to learn and in the movies they make it looks so easy, but truth be told it’s quite hard. Go ahead try landing it yourself, and see how difficult but fun it can be. 

Epic Game Store Crashes Due To GTA 5 Being Free

It turns out the Epic Game Store couldn’t keep up with the demand of giving away GTA 5 for free. Both the store and the launcher had gone offline due to this. Epic had even gone to twitter to announce the problem and let people know that they are working on it.

It had gotten so bad it even started to affect other Epic servers as well. That being Fortnite, they even went to twitter to address the problem as well. 

But it seems to be that the store is back up and running again. And if you do launch the store you’ll be greeted with a window of GTA 5 Premium Edition for free. This is interesting timing too because Xbox Game Pass has just replaced GTA 5 for Red Dead Redemption 2. But nonetheless if you haven’t already go ahead and download this fantastic game. 

Paper Mario: The Origami King Coming To The Switch In July

Nintendo has just announced the 6th installment in the Paper Mario series. That being Paper Mario: The Origami King, this is going to be the first paper mario to come out on the switch on July 17th.

From what we can put together the story seems like it’s going to be about Mario rescuing Princess Peach from a new villain called King Olly. Who wants to “Fold The Entire World” according to a Nintendo press release. You’ll be able to explore by using a new ability called “1000-Fold Arms” in which mario will expand and stretch in all sorts of new ways in order to solve certain puzzles and travel. And one thing that’s the most interesting it seems like you’ll have a rich cast of people to team up with one even including Bowser. Here’s the trailer for the game so you can see it for yourself. 

And in this short clip it shows off a bit of the combat system. You’ll be in a wheel based arena and you have to line them all up in order to knock them all out in a single turn. And it’s probably safe to say that it more than likely gets more challenging the further in the game you get.

It was rumored that we would be getting a new mario back in March. But until now little to none was announced and it’s even more surprising that Nintendo just announced the game out of the blue like this. Instead of putting it in a Nintendo Direct like they would usually do. But this comes at a great time for nintendo because they didn’t have much lined up in the immediate future for games so the new paper mario fills in that gap perfect for the time being.

Spy x Family Vol.1 Review

Every once in a while there comes a new manga that you just can’t put down. No matter what happens you’re dying to see the next. Each page/panel is just as good as the last one. And that’s exactly what Spy x Family is. Making a strong first impression in the first volume sets a high tone for the series, that gets me that much more excited for its future.

This is perhaps one of the most wholesome series that I’ve read in a very long time. The manga starts off with a spy vibe to it (of course). It follows the story of agent Twilight also known as Loid who we know very little about and who he works for. All we can go off based on what little information is given about him is that he’s definitely a world class spy. He is soon tasked with hunting down a powerful person. But in order to get in contact with said person he must start a family and be accepted into the same school as his son. 

This is where the story starts to take off in hopes to complete his mission he’s forced to almost leave the spy life behind and have a family. So in typical spy fashion he adopts a young girl by the name of Anya who has almost no records just like him. But little to his knowledge she was tested on a young age to read people’s minds. Which causes for some fun dynamics, because while he’s trying to hide the fact that he’s a spy the whole time she knows it’s all a front, while nonetheless he’s clueless to her powers.

And of course his perfect pretend family can’t be completed without a wife. With that follows the introduction of Yor Briar who at face value looks like a simple woman who works at a city hall. Nothing too crazy about her, a very shy person who is always being made fun at her job by her coworkers for being single and weird. But to no one’s knowledge she’s a top tier assassin code name Throne Princess. And just chance she so happens to run into twilight. And both think they’re fulling one another into dating each other for their own personal agendas while Anya knows both of their secrets. And only within a few days of knowing each other they both agree to marry one another.

Spy x Family is one of those stories that has a little bit of everything for everyone. It’s honestly what I enjoyed about it the most. With lots of action scenes throughout the story that’s paced incredibly well, and will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat the whole time. As well as tons of comedic moments that will keep you laughing from page to page. And the side characters introduced make it so much more hilarious because of their reactions to what’s going on.

But perhaps the strongest thing about Spy x Family is the genuine wholesomeness. Throughout the book you find out so much more about all the characters and why they act the way they do. Twilight is a gentle giant with a soft heart, Anya is just a kid who wants to live a normal life, and Yor just wants to be showed affection. Seeing all of them bond slowly but surely is some of the most heart warming things you’ll see and read. Watching how all of them one by one become more comfortable and accepting of one another and become a real family is tear jerking.

As said before putting down this manga was almost impossible for me to do. Not only because the art work was stunning but also because of the story. Seeing the cast of characters come together in a truly incredible dynamic was amazing, nothing short of great storytelling. I can’t wait to see where the future of the series goes from here because it certainly has a lot of potential. Be sure to get when it drops on June 2nd for $9.99 (USD) at Viz.com 

Dragon Ball Super Vol. 9 Review

With the latest installment of the Dragon Ball Super manga we finally get to see the outcome of the Tournament of Power as well as the start of a brand new arc with new additional characters thrown into the mix as well. And of course we see Ultra Instinct Goku in full action which is something we can’t get enough of.

Volume 9 of DBS (Dragon Ball Super) covers a wide range of things starting from chapter 41 and ending at chapter 44. And at first glance it doesn’t seem like so much can be covered in such a small amount of time, but they do in fact give tons of story without sacrificing any of the Dragon Ball aesthetic that we love. 

To back track just a little bit the story opens up with an Ultra Instinct Goku staring down Jiren. With everyone in shock that Goku has once again climbed to new heights. And then follows the two going back to back in an intense fight that goes over many pages, each as great as the last. And what perhaps made these fights that much more enjoyable was the artstyle done with UI (Ultra Instinct) Goku. You’re able to see him dodge every single blow going his way, and that alone was something I could stare at all day. 

And of course throughout the fight more character development is fleshed out, you learn much more about Jiren and why he is the way he is, as well as his wish for the Super Dragon Balls if he wins the fight. Towards the end of the fight we do see some pretty specular fight scenes with our two favourite saiyans but it doesn’t last all that long. It kind of rushed a little towards the end of the Tournament of Power but nonetheless it was still fun to read. The ending does play a little different from the anime but ultimately has the same outcome as it too. But with that being said, reading the Tournament of Power was just as fun as watching the anime play out and seeing how different things were between the two.

It was surprising how much this volume covers the post Tournament of Power. Although it doesn’t show much at all with Broly they do mention that Goku and Vegeta both have fought him. They’re even self-aware of this, making a fun little joke about within the book itself was a nice touch. But what was more interesting was the following arc, they waste no time jumping right back into the action. We get to see some familiar people like Jaco and more people from the Galactic Patrol.

Jaco and his friends from the Galactic Patrol go to earth for a very particular reason, and manage to capture Goku, Boo, and Vegeta. It then introduces the man who was able to subdue both goku and vegeta as Merus, the number one ranking agent in the galactic patrol. It’s heavily hinted that there is way more than what meets the eye with him. We also do get to see the Merus in action too which honestly is really cool, because not only do we get to see Universe 7 more explored, it gives more depth than what we are used to seeing. 

We’re then introduced to the new villain Moro, a villian who predates even Majin Boo. Merus goes into detail the extent of his power and why he must be stopped. It’s then revealed that Moro is heading towards New Namek to get the dragon balls and wish for his full power back. And of course Goku and Vegeta rush to New Namek in hopes to stop Moro. One of the more interesting things to see is how much Vegeta has grown since Dragon Ball Z and making it very clear that no one shall harm the namekians after what he and Frieza had put them through.  As soon as the fight is right about to build up stream they cut to Jaco and Merus with Merus saying they have no chance of winning, with the following page Moro telling Vegeta he’ll see him use his power. 

As said before a lot does happen in these 4 chapters and it is definitely worth the read! It’s not to love the Dragon Ball Franchise and they just keep getting better and better. So when this drops on June 2nd 2020 be sure to pick up at Viz.com for $9.99(USD)