Is mouse and keyboard cheating?

So recently a topic has come up and has sparked a major debate online. With it being is using mouse and keyboard on console gaming cheating? It all started on a blizzard battlenet form were a few players voiced their opinion on if using mouse & Keyboard is cheating on competitive play. Then it took a major turn when Blizzard chimed in saying they do consider it cheating, and if they could they’d ban them for cheating. This comment came from the director of Overwatch Jeff Kaplan stating

“ The Overwatch team objects to using mouse and Keyboard on console.

We have contacted both first-party console manufacturer and expressed our concerns about the use of mouse and keyboard and input conversion devices

We have lobbied and will continue to lobby for our first-party console manufacturer to either:

To disallow mouse and keyboard and input conversion devices


Openly and easily support mouse and keyboard for all players.

I encourage you to reach out to hardware manufacturers and Express your concerns(but please do in a respectful and productive way)”

Microsoft doesn’t support mouse and keyboard at all but Phil Spencer recently hinted at they should expect platform support in the coming months. But most games don’t support mouse and keyboard but many players use a third party to use it. Blizzard has openly said this is something only to worry about if you’re playing in the top 500 competitive players, but many players are still divided saying they shouldn’t have to change their game style to something that isn’t supported at all. From the looks of it right now both Microsoft and Sony aren’t going to make any changes anytime soon.

To give you an example of how much this could impact online gaming a few months back Gears of War 4 held a cross platform co-op play as a test to see how they could implement more cross platform play in the future. From the results they got back it was a big game changer and mouse and keyboard had a the upper hand. This is defiantly  an interesting debate and I’d love to hear your input.


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