Trumps Policy on Transgender Restrooms

President Trumps administrations made an announcement on Wednesday Feb 22nd 2017, that’s getting the LGBTQ community very concerned. Removing Obama’s transgender restroom law for public schools and leaving it up to the states to decide. It’s no longer a federal law to allow trans students to use whatever restroom they feel more comfortable with.

For Trans students in California have nothing to fear. We have some of the most strongest protection laws when it comes to protecting transgender students. But many are fearing for those who live in more conservative areas. Many of these already live in fear because they’re afraid of what others will think or say about them. Because of the constant fear they live in they have the highest suicide attempt rate according to it’s 41%.

Trumps even created a rift amongst his staff on this order. The Education secretary Betsy Devos was very vocal about being against this law fearing the potential harm it could cause in the future. With Attorney General Jeff Sessions whose has a long history of being conservative. He’s already causing feuds within his office in his first 100 days in office, so who knows how this will affect them.

The Los Angeles School Unified are very strong on bullying against the LGBTQ community. A matter of fact the rate of bullying amongst transgender students has not gone up at all. LA will still allow trans students to use whatever restroom they feel most comfortable with. Statement coming from Michelle King whose very committed to protecting trans students said “Transgender students in L.A. Unified will remain protected regardless of the new directive by the Trump administration pertaining to access to restrooms and locker rooms”.

Southern California for the most part is making a strong stand against trump and his latest act. So Transgender students have really nothing to fear here. L.A unified has stressed too if you feel like your rights are being violated, to please tell someone in authority so it can be resolved.

Link to Transgender suicide rate:


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