Punisher Season 2 Part 2 Review

Oh boy does this season really kick it into high gear in the second part of the season! It becomes such a emotional roller coaster you don’t really know what to expect at all. You see a darker side of Frank at times one that is just so driven on revenge, and a much more sinister Billy.


Most of the second half is about Billy and Frank they more or less leave Amy out of it. Although I wish they would of done more with her because she became a very interesting character. But instead they have her hiding away and every now and then doing something. But it was awesome to see her bring out the soft side of Frank.


It becomes a true Punisher show because you literally see war in the streets. While watching this you can see where they got tons of inspiration from comic panels. If it’s not from having insane firefights in the middle of the streets to having, gruesome torture scenes. And the constant feud between Billy and Frank just keeps getting higher and higher, with nothing but death and damages to show for it.


The actions that Frank takes makes you question at times “has he gone too far?”. Because he does do somethings that are even a little too extreme for the Punisher. Not to mention that his actions pretty much have a heavy impact on everyone around him. For example his best friend Curtis notices that he himself is becoming something that he can’t even recognize anymore. Not sure if he can even go back to the old life that he use to have. Which is big because throughout the entire show he is perhaps the one thing that is supposed to keep Frank grounded.


As for Billy he seems to be almost two steps ahead of Frank almost every time. It becomes scary because at times he’s just watching him without Frank even knowing it. Going as far to baiting him to do exactly what he wants. Playing Frank like a fiddle making him believe that he is no better than Billy or anyone that he kills. The second he does that it destroys Frank and nearly breaks him all together. In the second half of this season they really redeem this villian and make him into the monster that we love.


As for John Pilgrim his story feels kinda rushed. It’s a shame too because they really start to flesh him out and you began to like this serial killer and understand him. It seemed like the show tried to do too much all at once and they kinda forgot about this. He had so much more potential to be a greater villain in the show. Not to say he wasn’t great because he had some really great scenes that left you wanting more. You see how the people he works for are just using him at the end of the day. They don’t care about him at all and by the time he sees it, it’s pretty much too late.


It’s unclear if the Punisher will be picked up for a season 3. But based on the other Marvel Netflix shows it probably won’t. And it kinda feels like the writers know that too, because the ending feels pretty satisfying. If it is to be cancelled it’s a good spot to end the show.


With all that being said I’ll give the show a 8/10.



The Punisher Season 2 Episode 1-6 Review

In the wake of Marvel Netflix shows getting the boot left and right for almost no apparent reason. The Punisher approaches in hope not to follow the path of its peers. Season 2 of the Punisher was released on the 18th of Jan 2019. And so far the show seems to be doing alright for itself, with a general theme of you can’t escape your past, or who you are.


The show picks up with Frank traveling america with no real end in mind. From what it seemed like he was just going town to town until he found something he liked. And right as he found something that was worth keeping him there he finds a way to get himself in the middle of a war. But one main thing that the show touches on for him is how he can’t live a normal life.


No matter what he does somehow some way the inner soldier comes out and he manages to find himself in the middle of a feud that has nothing to do with him. You see his growth from the first season, but as well as some flaws that he has as a human being. As stated already he can’t keep his nose clean, as well run away from who he really is. The show touches on how he actively looks for a reason to fight, and how soldiers have a hard time adapting after real trauma that they experience in the field.



Because of the events in the first season, he is always on the fence about getting close to someone. But of course we he finally does things always go south. To further build off that you see this odd but charming relationship with him and Amy. In its own way him looking out for her is a way for him to be the father he never was with his kids. You see the two of them really connect after a series of near death moments.



As well as Amy being really annoying and unthankful plenty of times. But because of her you see Frank have a little bit more of a heart and it’s nice, she keeps him grounded in a lot of ways. Instead killing a person, he’ll just beat the hell out of them. Or simply spare a life which doesn’t seem like much but for the Punisher it sure is.


As for Amy she seems to be the soul reason why Frank is on the run in the first place. She places this mystery woman for a good part of the show. Which is more annoying than it is mysteries, making you not like her a lot most of the time. She is kind of just thrown in the show and the cross over with her and Frank is more or less what’d you expect from any show. But once you get over that initial hill you learn like her as a character. At the end of it she’s reaping what she sowed. She got way over her head and is now paying a huge price for it.


After understanding that you see why it is she acts the she does. At the end of the day she’s just a scared kid thrown in to this world of bloodshed. But within that world she finds her white knight and that being Frank, and little by little they seem fixing the mess they’ve been caught up in.


It’s no secret that Agent Madani would plays a big role in this season. But because of the events of season one she is living in constant fear and doubt. Billy Russo is always in the back of her head. Even though he was beaten nearly to death, and doesn’t remember anything outside his military life. She is convinced it is all a front. Even with all the evidence and proof right in front of her face. Haunted by what happened to her forces her to sleep with a gun under her pillow. And seek help with Frank and others to help solve there Billy Russo problem.



And lastly Billy Russo character is a cop out compared to how he used to be. In season one he was one of my favorite villians right next to King Pin. But it seems like it was a little bit of a shot and a miss this time around. His story of forgetting who he is and being a vet who hates the civilian life is way too similar to seasons one Lewis Walcott. The only difference is, is that people in this universe know and respect Billy. So it’s a little easier for him to raise somewhat of an following. It’s a shame to seem them rehash the same storyline with a character that has a lot of potential. But who knows maybe in the second act they’ll polish it up a bit more.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

And another major complaint that many people myself included is that it seems the scares don’t warrant a mask. Sure he does have a damaged face but it’s not as bad as the show makes it to be. It makes him look more weaker than what he really is. It makes you wish that they put more scars on his face to make him more scarier. But because of the lack of scares it doesn’t look all that bad as they lead you to believe.



As for the plot of the overall season it has two main stories. One being John Pilgrim and his followers hunting down Frank and Amy. Which is actually pretty cool they give him a great scary vibe. To where whenever you see him in the streets you fear for your life. And the other is Billy Russo and as I stated before it’s a rehash of what we’ve seen in season one so far. It seems to be that the second act is going to pick up heavily and things will start to change and fast


With all that being said so fair I’ll give it a 7.5/10

Bandersnatch Review

Lots of people have been waiting for the long anticipated season 4 of Black Mirror. And many thought it would drop by the end of this year (2018). But of course it didn’t instead Black Mirror took a complete 180 and made a choose your own adventure movie. Needless to say that alone got tons of people pumped to try out this movie. And see what kind of trouble you could get into.


Just like a choose your own adventure book the movie has countless endings, and it seems pretty daunting for one person to unlock them all in one playthrough. At first the chooses you are given are pretty simple from what to eat in the morning to what music to listen to. You play as a young man named Stefan who wants to make a choose your own adventure video game in the 80’s.


It’s pretty ironic that making the game is his one true goal. They even take jabs at the player making jokes about it. But quickly the game takes a left turn and becomes dark and twisted super fast. You’ll often ask yourself “wait what just happened”. Or “Okay how in the world did we end up here”.


It doesn’t really matter if you “beat” the game because it always gives you a checkpoint. So if you want to keep playing you can start from a certain point and carry on with it.


It’s a little harder to really get a beat on any character. Because in most movies you can dive deep into someone and understand a little why they are the way they are. Because every decision you make can drastically change the way someone is. So it’s almost pointless to dive deep into anyone because they behave purely on what you decide.


While playing the game it didn’t feel like anything new though. I keep getting the feeling that I was playing a high end telltale game. It had almost everything a telltale game would have, it felt like a copy almost down to the core. It even gave you about 10 seconds to make a decision before just like the game. But needless to say it seems like Netflix and Black Mirror learned from them and picked up on what made them so fun and popular. Hopefully they continue to make more like this in the future.


With all that being said the game/movie is definitely a foot in the right direction for Netflix. The acting of course was nothing less than great, and the camera work along with the special effects were amazing. It’s unclear if Netflix will continue to do more things like this but one can hope so. The final rating I’ll give this is a 9/10.

Interview With: Eric Vale An Anime Voice Actor

Voice Acting is something that is easily over looked. When you watch a cartoon or an anime you get lost in the animations. But if you actually listen to them you can hear how much heart and soul is put into literally giving these characters a voice. Eric Vale, who is known for voicing Future Trunks in the Dragonball Z Super, Yuki Sohma in Fruits Basket, and Sanji in One Piece. Even Loke in Fairy Tail, as well as Shigaraki in My Hero Academia. He is one of many talented voice actors who’ve been fortunate enough to be in this field of work.

He was one of many guests at Los Angeles Comic Con and I had the opportunity to dig a little deeper into his career and what he feels towards certain topics regarding anime. As well as one role that he looks back on and smiles.

Vale is a strong believer that animes need to have interesting characters. Making villain roles that much more fun to play because of how much more fun you can have.

He further explains how he wasn’t too sure if My Hero Academia or Dragonball would kick off. Going on to say anime as a whole “anime is a dying industry, and then it just keeps getting bigger and more popular all the time.”. Vale continues to dive deeper into what he believes made anime more popular in the states saying “a higher caliber of talent being brought on board to do the dubs”. All the major companies started to bring on people who studied to do this and pros who they believed would turn out a success.He stresses that the story telling needs to be great to keep people watching.

Vale goes on to explain of what emotions he felt when he thought one of his most popular roles Trunks wouldn’t be in Dragon Ball Super. Then the shocking surprise of his return and how differently he could portray him. One thing that was interesting is how Vale will do everything in his power to not watch sub. (Anime in Japanese with english subtitles)

“I prefer to keep it fresh it allows me as an actor to be more in the moment”

He then goes on to continue on why he loves to voice Shigaraki and dives deep into his character. He explains “In some ways he’s similar to the Joker”. Further explains it because he just wants to create mayhem and destruction.

Eric Vale is beyond talented at what he does, and is clearly good at it too. If you’re not really into anime, some of his work will definitely get you into it. Be sure to show this man love and support.

His Social media handles are.

Twitter @Ericvale

Instagram @ericvalerocks

And Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/officialericvale/


Link is for full interview and photo credit Luis Gutierrez: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUYLfoVwH4c

Titans Season 1 Review

This past friday (12/21/18) the long anticipated Titans season 1 came to an end. The show has been had a bit of a bumpy ride leading up to its release. Many fans being judgmental of the show based off the looks of some of these iconic characters. And of the most part the fans were right for the most part no one really looked the part expect for the boy wonder Dick Grayson. But the looks of the show are something you can turn a blind eye on once you actually watch it.


The show takes place in what we can assume be one of many off worlds in the DC universe, and it explores a much more darker side of these heroes than were traditionally used too. We see a damage Dick Grayson not physically but mentally, he’s angry and so much more brutal than we’re used to seeing him. It explored a route that we don’t see too much in comics that being the hatred he had for Bruce Wayne right after leaving him. And right off the bat you can tell why he’s holding these strong feelings of hatred towards him.


It’s hard to be your own hero while living in the Batman’s shadow. As well as what kind of things you think you can get away with, and struggling to believe you’re actually a good guy. But as the show progress you do begin to see him change as they all start to unite one by one.


As for some of the others it doesn’t really focus too much on any of them at all more or less it’s not really the “Titans” show it more  of “Dick Grayson” show. But that’s not to say that the other characters didn’t have there own great stories. A key example of this is Star Fire she had so much potential for her own story. They told you next to little about her or her past life, making you want to know so much more about her. And what little tid bits they fed you kept you hooked for more. But they quickly abandon that whole route of her being some kind of mob boss.


It was a shot and a miss with her much like her other arcs in the show like when her and Dick slept with one another it was forced and felt awkward because it is mention every now and then, but nothing ever comes out of it. Finally with her last part when you think she’s about to destroy the world all it took to calm her down was a whooping by Donna Troy and then she snapped back to her good old self, and all was forgiven shortly after.


As for the last two Beast Boy and Raven they’re stories intertwine smoothly. Raven is thrown into the dark twisted world with powers she knows nothing about. While Beast Boy on the other hand has a good understanding on his powers but not fully. For most of the show both are stuck to each other like glue. Making you love them as an awkward teenage couple. Raven of course is this edgy teenager while Beast Boy is this happy cheerful person, they balance out one another. And whenever one did fall the other was sure to pick em up.


They touch on Beast Boy’s story just a little with the Doom Patrol which was great. It’s a quick high and by but just enough and maybe in the actually Doom Patrol show they’ll touch more on him. As for Raven when the show isn’t about Robin it’s about her. The whole show she’s on the hunt from her father. Not knowing who to really trust, but she finds family in the Titans.


As for the rest of the show it starts off strong. Many people were quick to dismiss it right away. As previously stated it would’ve been nice to see the Titans together in action more than we did. And even flesh out the other characters a little bit more, but sometimes we can’t always get what we want. The introduction of Hawk and Dove was great they were a nice change of pace for the show. Although it could of gone without them and the show would of been just fine.


Even as adding Jason Todd into the show was a nice fan service. But just like Hawk and Dove it would of been just fine without him. But actually seeing these characters come to live was fun to watch. One thing that was really cool was how they all held Batman to this god like being. He wasn’t in the show till the very end which was really displeasing on how they introduced him.


The show does come out with a bang and have tons of enjoyable moments throughout the whole season. But near the final stretch they start to stumble a bit. Losing momentum with episodes that should of been shown a lot early. That really messes with the entire show. The final episode felt like nothing was really gained up until the final couple of minutes. But the last scene and the post credits gave me enough hope to see them bounce back. Overall the show is good giving it a 6.5/10.


PS if you don’t want to pay to watch it start the 7 day free trial and binge the entire show.

Interview With Tom Bilyeu Of Impact Theory

Steve Aoki is mainly known for his music, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Aoki is a talented man who has a huge following, but lately he’s been branching and exploring new routes. This new route is something geeks love; that being comic books. He’s teamed up with a publisher called Impact Theory and together they’re working on a sci-fi/cyberpunk themed comic book series titled Neon Future.

Photo Credit: Luis Gutierrez

I had the luxury of sitting down with Tom Bilyeu the founder of Impact Theory and co-creator of Neon Future. Bilyeu gave an amazing insight on the comic and a lot of behind the scenes of it. The way this came to life was because Bilyeu pitched Aoki the idea. It was something that came pretty easy.

“I approached Steve- he’s like minded to me, very techno optimistic and I thought it’d be a lot of fun to tell a really great story based around his album series”.

It takes place in a dystopia tech based world. Where there are two kinds of people, one where they have technology implanted in them. Or the others which are traditional people much like you and I. Bilyeu didn’t want to tell your typical dystopian story where you escape but one where you live together.

“There are so many dystopian stories that are about you know defeating the machines defeating A.I and we wanted to tell a different story. Could we find a third way where technology and humanity live in harmony together.”

Aoki isn’t the first artist to make a comic at all. One notable artist that did this and is doing it successfully is The Weekend. Which is a very galaxy based comic called “Star Boy”. And that gave them even more hope that Neon Future would succeed as well.

One of the biggest things you’ll notice about this comic is of course the art, which has to be good in order to get anyones attention and they are successful in doing so. It’s very eastern and true to Aoki. Impact Theory had did some fantastic work by finding an incredibly talented artist to do this as well. Even getting people who have worked for both Marvel and DC to help.

“We have worked with one of the most legendary artist working today whos from South Korea a guy whos named Kim Jung Gi.”

Photo Credit: Luis Gutierrez

The team has been pretty much on the same page from the start. As busy as Aoki is, he makes time to meet with Impact Theory. To get the ball rolling he’s been the key part in all of this. While he had the ideas the team put it all together.

One great thing about this series is no matter how it is received, they are guaranteed six issues. But they do hope to go for 18 to fully complete the story over three six issue story arcs.

Bilyeu is very passionate about this project and his achievements he’s made so far. He strongly believes that it will succeed and if not he knows he’ll learn from the mistakes he made. He believes in the comic so much that they give it away for free at conventions!

“At all the cons we attend we give it away for free cause we just believe in the story. It stands on its own I don’t have to trick you into buying it.”

“If five years from now I don’t look back on Neon Future and feel a little embarrassment then I just haven’t improved.”

Bilyeu is a self made man who’s clearly worked very hard to be where he is at today. And it definitely shows.

“I took myself from scrounging couch cushion to find enough change to put gas in my car. To building a billion dollar business.”

The only way to get these comics currently is from their website “NeonFutureComics.com”, and you can buy it as it releases. But you can download it online for free on the same website as well as a month after the issue is out. And if you want to wait for Neon Future at your local comic book store you’re going to have to wait till March 2019.

So if you find yourself with some free time do yourself a favor and read this! You won’t regret it, because it is worth the read.

Fortnightmares Is Finally Over

Epic Games has been teasing that something big will be happening today (November 14th 2018). By showing off pictures of the cube that’s been giving birth to all the monsters. Some players even noticed that the cube had a giant cracks in it, leading everyone to believe it’s going to break. Epic Games had been very vocal on telling fans to get on today at a certain time to see a one time only event. Much like last season 4 when the missile shot up in the sky.

So come time when this event was suppose to happen you had players come around just to see this play out. It felt like half the server was at the floating house at once was loot lake. Everyone waiting for something, while there was a few trolls racking up easy kills. The cube began to glow bright purple, faster and faster until it had happened.

The cube exploded and the sky turned bright with light taking over the full screen. It looked like a nuclear missile had went off. As the whiteness cleared up it spawned you into this white abyss. You couldn’t draw your weapon or anything all you could do was move around and see everyone else around you do the same. It looked like something out of the matrix which was pretty cool. But one thing you could see was this strange butterfly looking thing floating around you.

Photo Credit: Luis Gutierrez


Once it got close to you it started a cinematic in which your character gets close to it and touches it. One you do touch it it rifts you back into the main game along with everyone else. One of the first things you notice is that along with the cube all the monsters are no longer there. Marking the end of Fortnitemares.

Photo Credit: Luis Gutierrez


And if you look from a distance you’ll see a rainbow floating above in the sky maybe to symbolize a new start? It’s unclear what any of this meant but one thing for sure was it was fun watching it. And more than likely in the coming weeks near the end of season 6 Epic Games will tell us what it meant.

Photo Credit: Luis Gutierrez