Did Downey High Class Of 2015 Help Create A Killer

Full disclaimer: murder is never okay no matter what you’re going through.

Joseph Ramirez Perez was recently arrested for stabbing a man on a park bench. Unfortunately the man who was stabbed didn’t survive the attack and he died shortly after he was taken to the hospital. There is no motive to why Joseph stabbed and killed this unknown man.

After hearing this news my heart had been broken, because I knew this guy. We went to highschool together and I would even go as far as calling him a friend. It got me thinking a little bit more to why he may have done it. Joseph, who we’d call “Jessie” back in high school, had a few flaws.

He was a little bit on the heavy side, short, walked with a limp, and always had the same expression on his face. All of these made him an easy target to pick on in high school. Jessie was bullied heavily and he turned to drugs to cope, falling down a rabbit hole of bad decisions. He was always known as a weirdo or a creep who would look at you funny, and no one really gave him the time or day. He would be mocked before he had a chance to speak, even I followed the trend to made fun of him. I was just as guilty as anyone of my peers who had done the same.

Near the end of our high school careers I had realized what I was doing was wrong, and befriended him but at the end of the day it didn’t change what I did. He had started taking a therapy class and it seemed to have a positive effect on him. I remember him coming to me and some teachers saying things like “thank you!” and ”you guys are really helping me out, I actually enjoy coming to school now” or even ”I’m actually thinking of going to college now and can’t wait to start my life”.

But even though he was starting to have a positive output in life the bullying still continued. People kept picking on him and it only got worse. It was high school kids at their worst, picking on Jessie because they knew they would get away with it. No one really knew what he was going through at home, myself included, but what he was facing at school didn’t help him at all.

So when he was on the news for killing someone, the bullying didn’t stop there. People actually picked up where they left off saying horrible things about him. Granted, some people didn’t say bad things at all, but there were a lot more negative comments than positive. I strongly believe that the bullying and hazing he was put through in highschool carried on with him. That every name he was called, every look he was given, and pushes and shoves helped create this murderer. That the Downey High School Class of 2015 helped create this man that killed a stranger on a park bench.

This is why bullying is never okay. Picking on someone for how they look or whatever it may be that makes them different is not acceptable. You don’t know what they’re going through or who they are. Not to mention these actions stick with a person and sometimes turns them into something that no one would have ever wanted to be.


Why HollyWood Critics are ruining movies

More and more before movies come out the first thing you see is it’s Rotten Tomatoes score, or what it scored on IMDB. People more and more are letting other people tell them what is and what isn’t a good movie. For this reason alone it’s ruining a lot of movies for people everywhere.

One of the most perfect examples of this is when BvS(Batman vs Superman) came out the early reviews on the movie had already doomed it for lots of potential viewers. For the ones that went go to see it, they had the mentality that it wasn’t going to be a good movie at all and left with the same opinion because of the ratings it had gotten.

This alone is robbing people of forming there own opinion. And creating a mob mentality where just because a group of people hated whatever movie it was you have to hate it too, or fear being made fun of. For the few that actually liked a movie that had gotten bad reviews it makes them afraid to come out and say it was a good movie, because of what others will say about them or think of them.

It has the same effect for movies that get good ratings as well. If you sit through a whole movie that is deemed good by many but not by you, you’ll get tons of backlash if you decide to voice your opinion on such topic.

People now more than ever need to stop going to websites such as Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic or blogs like the Waffle Press, to tell them what they should and shouldn’t like. They should go into a movie not caring what others will say about it and form their own solid opinion on if they liked it or not. So that way they can get a more true original opinion on what they just saw, and not what others told them.


The Value Of Life

This last week taught me a how quickly a life could be taken away, as well on how much you should value everything you have.

Last week I took my mother to the ER due to stomach pains she had. From the time it took me to get into the car to the ER it didn’t really hit me what was fully going on. But the moment she sat in the hospital bed being injected by all sorts of different medicine, It was right there it hit me what exactly was going on, and how severe this could be for everyone in my family. They had informed me that she had a infection in her stomach and it needed to be removed as soon as possible with an emergency surgery.

The feeling I had was something I hope to never feel again in a long time. All of the emotions in my mind felt like a giant wreck; I didn’t know what to do next. all I knew was that I was going to be there for my mother and hope she comes out all right. I didn’t want to leave her sight; even going use the restroom felt wrong leaving my mother for a second, it didn’t sit right with me. I couldn’t bring myself to leave her because my whole life even till now, she has looked after me. So I felt it was only right I muscled through and be strong for her

I was in a room with her for hours, but the moment I decided to get out and catch some fresh air they took her and began to prep for surgery.  I never felt so ashamed just the fact that I wasn’t there to be with her when she was taken into surgery. I wanted her to see a familiar face before she left. I didn’t want to lose her just like how I lost my father and grandfather

As I waited for her to return back into her room, I had time to think about life. So I started to ponder and I realized how quickly something you love so much could be taken away from you, just like that in a heartbeat. Everything you have in life should be cherished no matter what because you never know how or when it will be taken away from you.


The value of life is something that isn’t easy to grasp but you begin to get a handle on it once you’re put in a difficult situation. It’s a situation people shouldn’t have to face but when you do, you emerge a better person with more of an understanding of things.

And then I had that moment of peace, I had finally seen her fresh out of surgery. I couldn’t hold in tears not only for joy but because of how it reminded me of my father and grandfather. It was a pain I didn’t want to have. But after I got over that hump I spoke to her and told her how much I loved her. Throughout that whole experience, i had realized that she’s not going to be here forever, and that I should never take her for granted. She did raise me and love/support me with everything I did in life. Even though she knows I’d do anything for her, I know I should always make her feel loved and appreciated.  Â