Fortnightmares Is Finally Over

Epic Games has been teasing that something big will be happening today (November 14th 2018). By showing off pictures of the cube that’s been giving birth to all the monsters. Some players even noticed that the cube had a giant cracks in it, leading everyone to believe it’s going to break. Epic Games had been very vocal on telling fans to get on today at a certain time to see a one time only event. Much like last season 4 when the missile shot up in the sky.

So come time when this event was suppose to happen you had players come around just to see this play out. It felt like half the server was at the floating house at once was loot lake. Everyone waiting for something, while there was a few trolls racking up easy kills. The cube began to glow bright purple, faster and faster until it had happened.

The cube exploded and the sky turned bright with light taking over the full screen. It looked like a nuclear missile had went off. As the whiteness cleared up it spawned you into this white abyss. You couldn’t draw your weapon or anything all you could do was move around and see everyone else around you do the same. It looked like something out of the matrix which was pretty cool. But one thing you could see was this strange butterfly looking thing floating around you.

Photo Credit: Luis Gutierrez


Once it got close to you it started a cinematic in which your character gets close to it and touches it. One you do touch it it rifts you back into the main game along with everyone else. One of the first things you notice is that along with the cube all the monsters are no longer there. Marking the end of Fortnitemares.

Photo Credit: Luis Gutierrez


And if you look from a distance you’ll see a rainbow floating above in the sky maybe to symbolize a new start? It’s unclear what any of this meant but one thing for sure was it was fun watching it. And more than likely in the coming weeks near the end of season 6 Epic Games will tell us what it meant.

Photo Credit: Luis Gutierrez

Fortnitemares Is A New Step In The Right Direction

Epic Games has been in the spooky spirit since the start of this season. The latest season has been entirely based around Halloween and horror films/ stories.This latest model they’ve incorporated into the battle royal mode is a challenging yet exciting newish mode. With tons of new content.

For starters in playground mode they put in a couple of mini games that can be found the the edges of what use to be loot lake. They include a few target practice modes and a building exercise to help improve your skills in the game. As well as the stadium that we all love and even a boat because why not!

New challenges have been added for this mode as well; although they all haven’t come out at once they’ll all be released in days to come. So giving you sprays, to even a new gliders that looks pretty spooky. As well as a new skin Deadfire who’ll only be in the shop for a little while longer. The cool thing about him is that he levels up as you do the challenges. Just like a few of the season pass characters.

But for the game itself there is one big noticeable change. The floating house in center of the lake is completely destroyed. Even more than before it was with pieces of land broken up all around the area with the house in a few different pieces. If you manage to look past that two new guns have been added into the game, one being a six shooter which is pretty much a cowboy gun. The crossbow has even managed to find its way back into the game and it’s still as fun as it was before. You won’t have to worry about ammo when using it because it’s unlimited so have a blast; it doesn’t hurt that it does a massive amount of damage against the monsters you’ll face.

Now with the game itself Fortnitemares is part of the normal game modes. If you do solo, duos, or even squads! It’s still the same rules be the last man standing but with monsters all over the place. From the looks of it they’re spawning from shades of the cube, and the only way to stop them from spawning is destroying the sharde. In which they’re coming from. It’s pretty fun because when you’re in a game and can’t find anyone this will keep you busy and entertained.

But one about the monsters is it’s easy to get over runned by them. They’ll destroy your buildings so be careful. It’s easy to get the jump on other players or teams when you see them being chased by a horde so make sure it doesn’t happen to you. If your build does get destroyed when your high up have no fear because they added hang gliders back. So when you’re falling from great heights you can deploy your glider to evade taking fall damage.

Be sure to play this mode before it’s gone because it won’t be here for long!

Nintendo Bringing Labo to Elementary Classes

Nintendo Labo is a fairly new way to play the Nintendo Switch, where you build certain things out of cardboard and play interactive games. It’s been highly praised from everyone saying it’s a new and fun way to play video games. The Labo has always had the platform for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) foundation and now with there help they’re putting them in elementary classes across the US.

The kit itself is fairly easy to put together, so it won’t be hard at all with grade school students. With the kit you can make a range of things from a fishing rod, piano, RC cars and many more! In a statement said by Arana Shapiro Co-Executive Director of the Institute of Play

“We are always on the lookout for new tools and technologies that combine the best of learning with the spirit of play, and in Nintendo Labo we found an inspiring and innovative approach in both areas.”

As well as.

“Teachers in the pilot program are already seeing the natural fit for Nintendo Labo in the classroom, and now we can bring that dynamic to schools across the country”

The program is in its early stages in schools in New York. The Institute of Play are using the data from school teachers, so they can fully use it for educational purposes. Once the test is complete it’s expected to expand to about 100 schools across the US. In order to be considered for this program schools can apply at the Institute of Play’s Website.

LYFT Buys AR Company to help Build Self-Driving Cars

Lyft is finally stepping into the self-driving car industry. They’ve acquired Blue Vision Labs a UK based augmented reality firm that helps cars know and understand their location. The merger will join Lyft level 5 team to contribute to its knowledge. Blue Vision will also be the homebase for a London research and development wing.

Blue Vision was found back in 2016 by Oxford and Imperial graduates, and stepped into the spotlight last march. Lyft bought them for roughly 72 millions dollars with a 30 million bonus for hitting a milestone. The company isn’t that big at all it has only a 40 person team. They use augmented reality with stuff as simple as smart phones or other cameras. With this equipment Blue Vision makes 3D maps of entire cities that they cover.

This is Lyft first big buyout in the self-driving car world. But it’s unclear if they will further explore this route of buying more companies for this purpose. In a statement said by the companies autonomous driving lead Luc Vincent

“We are always evaluating build versus buy”

He went on to say.

“Blue Vision Labs is the first company to able to build city-scale 3D maps from cell phone acquired imagery. This is truly amazing tech”

Lyft will also be looking for outside help to help kickstart this project as well. So the first car they’ll be rolling out is Ford due to their partnership. They will be introducing a Fusion Hybrid test car that will of course not have a driver at all. They have no date to when this will hit the streets but Lyft says it will come soon. Lyft will be testing the cars in public roads in CA.

As of right now this seems like the smart move for Lyft. Because of there rival company Uber is currently in hot water, if it’s not with a CEO making a bad name for themselves, or there own self-driving cars hitting people, or them just breaking laws. Those are just a few things that they’ve done that’s made a lot of people switch to Lyft, so it’ll be interesting to see how effective this will be.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Break Down

Saddle up outlaws because October 26 can’t come here fast enough! RockStar the company behind the massive hit of GTA, Max Payne, and Red Dead 1 are finally giving us another great treat. That being the long awaited Red Dead Redemption 2, a prequel to the 1st Red Dead. It’s been 8 years since the first one came out and people have been begging for the second, well now we’re about to have it.

One important thing to add before we dive into the trailer is that the game is a prequel set before the events of the first one. Although John Marston will not be a playable character, he still will be in the game.

The trailer opens up with a cinematic fight that just looks beautiful. Shortly after a narrator describing how much work has been put into this game. From the looks of it most missions will be very fast pace/ action packed for pretty the whole time.

The game will move pretty natural, leading you from one problem to another. Without feeling rushed or cheated, which is nice because when most games do this it feels like a waste of time. It looks like they’ve learned from GTA 5 adding more heist missions to this game. Adding more high stakes ones as well. You could pretty much do anything a outlaw during the western times would want to do and more!

If you choose to go and explore although it may be fun it could come at a risk. If you go into other places that are new they may be in control of another gang looking to take your life. And if you have a bounty on your head people will come after you to collect the money.

The dead eye is coming back as well. A system that would let you slow down time and get that perfect shot on your enemies. It’ll come in pieces and upgrade as you progress through the game.

This game will be very choice based as well. Almost everything you do will affect the gameplay. You can also decide what you want to eat, horse to ride, guns to hold. As well as what to even eat,clothes to wear, shave, and shower! If you don’t do the last two it’ll show in the game and people won’t want to be anywhere near you. But just remember whatever you do people won’t forget.

The game will be full with things to do. With tons of fun features, so it’ll be awhile before you get bored of this game. It’s important to add the multiplayer won’t be out for roughly a month, so that way people can play the single player game and get a feel for it. With all that being said be ready to saddle up october 26!

Fortnite Season 6 Is Here!

The long anticipated season 6 is finally here! There was a lot of people guess what the cube would do once it landed into Loot lake and we finally got a answer with a whole lot of new content for this season. The theme of this is a bit of a no brainer Halloween.

For starters one of the biggest changes to happen this season is the Loot Lake. Now since the cube went into the lake the house is floating in the middle of the air! It’s become a hot drop again since it is offering more chest, and a semi new spot to land. The house is surrounded by all the junk that was under the water that we couldn’t see before. With the inside staying the same as usual. There’s a few ways to get there, one you could just land, or ride the tornado up that’s keeping it a float.

Another big change is the castle near Haunted Hills. The castle is very fitting for the location right next to the graveyards so it gives it that creepy factor you’re looking for in a Halloween theme. There is a few items to grab but doesn’t offer all that much, if anything it’s just nice to look at in awe.

The last big noticeable change is where the cube left its mark. This season got introduced Shadow Stones. Pretty much what they do is make you invisible for a short amount of time, as well as run super fast and go through walls. But just because you’re invisible doesn’t mean you can’t take damage.

Those are the biggest changes to the game some there are a lot of minor things too. For one the sky is a whole lot darker now, with lighting in the sky. Also a nice little touch are some shops are costume stores, and some buildings have Halloween decorations.

Last but not least the battle pass. It’s set with tons of new skins that are worth the buy. For instance they have a more darker version of Little Red Riding Hood, and a werewolf at the very end. Those are just a few of the skins but all of them this season are on point, you could argue that it’s better than last season.

But possibly the biggest thing to happen yet is cross platform was enabled for everyone! So now you can play with your buddies on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and even your phone! This is huge for gaming everywhere, and it’s awesome that it came just in time for the new season. That alone is game changing! So hurry up we only got 9 more weeks till the season ends!

Dead Rising Studio Capcom Vancouver Shuts Down

Capcom is shutting down one of it’s biggest studios. That being the Vancouver one mainly known for Dead Rising. They were already facing troubles having to lay off a number of people this year and today Sept 18th 2018 they announced they would be closing the studio.

Capcom is saying that 158 people will be losing their job due to it closing. “A skeleton crew will remain until January 2019 to finalize closure operations and logistics”.

As previously stated the studio was mainly known for the Dead Rising franchise. A game that pinned you up against hordes of zombies, that allowed you to use literally everything as a weapon to defend yourself. Although the game was made in japan the sequels were made in Vancouver with a new one in the works.

In february the company had to lay off 30% of its staff. And Capcom had this to say “the team is continuing to work hard to support the recent release of Puzzle Fighter for mobile and is dedicated to its flagship Dead Rising series.”.

As for Dead Rising it’s still unknown what will happen to the game. The main studio did shut down but Capcom still has it. As for all the workers who had lost their jobs a good number of them are heading over to EA.

“We appreciate the hard work and contributions of all the studio team members in creating unforgettable gameplay experiences for the Dead Rising series and Puzzle Fighter,”. Said by a Capcom rep.