Dead Rising Studio Capcom Vancouver Shuts Down

Capcom is shutting down one of it’s biggest studios. That being the Vancouver one mainly known for Dead Rising. They were already facing troubles having to lay off a number of people this year and today Sept 18th 2018 they announced they would be closing the studio.

Capcom is saying that 158 people will be losing their job due to it closing. “A skeleton crew will remain until January 2019 to finalize closure operations and logistics”.

As previously stated the studio was mainly known for the Dead Rising franchise. A game that pinned you up against hordes of zombies, that allowed you to use literally everything as a weapon to defend yourself. Although the game was made in japan the sequels were made in Vancouver with a new one in the works.

In february the company had to lay off 30% of its staff. And Capcom had this to say “the team is continuing to work hard to support the recent release of Puzzle Fighter for mobile and is dedicated to its flagship Dead Rising series.”.

As for Dead Rising it’s still unknown what will happen to the game. The main studio did shut down but Capcom still has it. As for all the workers who had lost their jobs a good number of them are heading over to EA.

“We appreciate the hard work and contributions of all the studio team members in creating unforgettable gameplay experiences for the Dead Rising series and Puzzle Fighter,”. Said by a Capcom rep.


NASA Will Be Using Moon Dust To Build Structures

NASA new focus is going back to the moon, and this time they’re not interested in just leaving a flag behind. NASA administrator said “This time when we go, we’re going to go to stay”. Which are some pretty bold claims. Well it seems to be that the moon has more supplies to offer.

Scientist are fairly certain that water lays on the moon. Back in 2008 solid ice was found on the moon thanks to India’s Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft. And again in 2009 after crashing it’s LCROSS spacecraft in the moon’s south pole. Finding water on the moon is obviously a big deal for many reasons. But from besides needing it to live they could use the water and hydrogen to fuel the spacecrafts. Which is a major bonus.

One thing that NASA scientist have there eyes on is the dirt on the moon. Also known as regolith they could use this to help them 3D print things that they would need. So they wouldn’t have to send up as many supplies any more, instead they could send up a few robots and mine some regolith. So they could print whatever it is that they need in space.

This is still a little far off but it’s nice to see NASA thinking long term, and coming up with bold ideas.

Ads May Be Going To Space Next

Ads are everywhere there is almost no way of escaping from them. You go on Instagram you see them, Youtube you see them, and even by walking outside. Well it seems to be that space the final frontier may very well have ads floating around soon.

Back in August  NASA a Jim Bridenstine had told his peers that he’d be forming a new committee. To help them go more commercial. The head of this new committee will be Maxar Technologies, he’ll be in charge of making sure NASA can brand it’s spacecrafts. As well as letting astronauts have more endorsements, just like professional athletes.

The main reason for this whole idea is to of course save money. They want to offset the cost of certain missions that NASA does. Bridenstine believes that letting astronauts have endorsements will make space travel more popular so it can get more funding.
This idea goes against some of the oldest ways of NASA. They’ve been restricted from promoting themselves in commercial products or services. One fear is that this might change the way they talk to the press and others. Losing some professional ability. Not to mention that the ad money they get might not be enough to offset. NASA has a limited budget with some missions costing  hundreds of millions to even billions of dollars!

After all NASA is a government agency. And government employees are not supposed to have any endorsements of any kind. They’ve gone the extra mile too to cover up any brand names, for instance they send M&Ms up to space for the astronauts to eat. But NASA calls them “candy-coated chocolates”. In some videos of astronauts in space you may be able to see some named products but NASA never acknowledge them at all.

Although NASA can not accept endorsements, there partners can. For instance a Canadian astronaut sang David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” in space and sold it once he landed in earth. And Russia space agencies have even filmed commercials up there.

But NASA has found some loopholes in the system and has managed to sell some products. Like you’ll see a hot wheel toy with NASA spacecraft. You may of even seen some NASA shirts and clothes too. Bridenstine has said too with these ads they would be able to return to the moon. They’re working with other companies too such as Space X and Boeing.  But they can only spend as much money as congress approves.

Another big fear is that tax payers who help fund NASA may not be on board with this. Some private companies don’t want them to go public at all. But everything is still in talks. And the New committee will decide what they will do with NASA. But as of right now it looks like they might lean that way.

Cute Spider-Man Easter Egg Gone Wrong

If you own a PS4 or are in the slightest know of the gaming community, then you know all about the massive Spider-Man game by Insomniac. The game has been a massive hit in such the short time it’s been out. As with every great game people love to look behind every corner to find a nice juicy Easter Egg.

Per usual the gaming community found one. And it was someone asking his girlfriend to marry him. It was written on the marquee of a movie theatre. You may be thinking “how cute” but this story gets a little depressing.

It all started when a Youtuber/Twitch Streamer Tyler Schultz tweeted at some Spider-Man developers. He had ask them to put his proposal in the game and they actually responded to him and put it in the actual game!

Since the launch of the game the fans were loving the fact that Insomniac actually did it. Even sending love to Maddie the girl who was being asked to be married. But soon after the release of the game Schultz had went on and said things didn’t work out between them.

He even posted a video saying “the saddest Easter egg”-”Where do I start? I love this girl, we’ve been together for five years. I think the time is ready that I want to take that next step”. He went on to explain how they ended things. “My girlfriend dumped me to go out with my brother”-”This isn’t even the way she wanted to be proposed to, and left me”.

Although it does have a bit of a sad ending he has Schultz is happy that the game did put in it it. And hopes that this has maybe inspired other people to maybe do the same.

China set up Hack Proof internet

China has set up its first “commercial” use of quantum internet in the northern area of Shandong. This is their latest move in advancing themselves in technology, with claims of this being considered “Hack Proof”. This isn’t the first time they’ve set up a “Hack Proof” communication early this month they did they same thing with Quantum Communications, with sending unhackable information with using only water.

China prides themselves for being on the forefront in the development of quantum Technology. Early in august they successfully sent it’s first unbreakable quantum code, in a prototype satellite to earth. This phenomenal breakthrough was so amazing that the pentagon themselves said it was “notable advance” reported by The Independent.

The Quantum Internet has been set up exclusively by government and official users in Shandong capital Jinan. Although it is not clear on how the system would be operated on such a huge scale.

What this network provides is top shelf protection when using telephone and data communications. So you can communicate without the fear of someone tapping into your network. It’s expected to be connected to Beijing-Shanghai quantum network.

Even though China is at the forefront with this technology that doesn’t mean other countries haven’t been studying this as well. The United States has been studying this for years, but China has been fortunate enough to be the one make it more of a household name.


Nanomachines Kill Cancer

What a time to be alive. Scientist have developed nanomachines that can kill cancer in 60 seconds! The way they’re worked is by little molecules that are driven by light that make their way through the cell lining then activate. A test done at Durham University took about one to three minutes to totally kill prostate cancer!

Dr. Robert Pal of the University of Durham stated “We are moving towards realising our ambition to be able to use light-activated nanomachines to target cancer cells such as those in breast tumours and skin melanomas, including those that are resistant to existing chemotherapy.”

“Once developed, this approach could provide a potential step change in non-invasive cancer treatment and greatly improve survival rates and patient welfare globally.”

In order for this to work the nanomachines need to spin about two to three million times per second, to assure it was smoothly. The molecules being transferred at as a therapeutic agent, or a killer that open tumor membranes. These nanomachines are so tiny it would take about 50,000 of them, to make up one strand of hair.

Dr. James Tour a member of Rice University in Houston stated “These nanomachines are so small that we could park 50,000 of them across the diameter of a human hair, yet they have the targeting and actuating components combined in that diminutive package to make molecular machines a reality for treating disease.”

“For many years I never had envisioned the nanomachines being used medically, I thought they were way too small, because they are much much smaller than a cell, but now this work has really changed my thoughts on this and I think therapeutically this will be a whole new way to treat patients, it’s going to be an excellent application for cancer treatment, not just for killing of cells but for the treatment of cells, interacting with the human body using molecular machines.”

This is a huge breakthrough in the world of modern medicine. Because if perfected this could be use to kill all sorts of cancer! As well as deliver medicine at a faster and more effect way.

Self Driving Cars are Closer Than You Think

Self driving cars are becoming more and more in talks now, as technology improves itself. So much now that the House of Bill pass a bill to speed production on them. For years people have wanted this and there have been a few. But at high end prices. Now hopefully with this bill passed they won’t cost as much, just like Tesla when they announced their newest model.

The vote was passed by a voice vote. And most of the concerns from government officials were all the horrible possibilities that could come of this. But to make everyone happy the state will regulate if they want self driving cars on there road. Which is new because federal looks at drivers while state looks at vehicles.

To no surprise automotive companies supported this bill. Claiming that it would lower traffic fatalities by a significant number, as well as many other benefits. They even stated that early estimates of crashes last year where 40,000. And 94% of all crashes is due to humans not machines.

The House of Bills are working very closely with both Democrats and Republicans to see that this bill’s goes through smoothly. But it seems to be working because Democrat Debbie Dingell stated “is fundamentally an issue of American competitiveness”. As well as Republican Fred Upton saying “gives the auto industry the tools to revolutionize how we’re going to get around for generations to come”.

This bill will allow up to 25,00 cars its first year. While rising 100,000 yearly in its third year. Even though the government is on board doesn’t mean a lot of the public is. Safety groups and consumers are concerned this will, weaken safety rules on the road. Because a defect might happen that could lead to more accidents. Automakers response to combat this was safety requiring things like steering wheels and brake pedals simply do not make sense. Simply because it defeats the purpose of self driving. But the government could still enforce safety test as they please.

Probably one of the best things about this bill is it doesn’t affect commercial vehicles. So it won’t cost people their jobs at all. Which is always a concern for people when this topic comes up.