Project Porg Lets You Raise A Porg!

Probably one of the best things to come out of episode 8 was Porgs. Right away as soon as they were introduced they took the internet by storm and everyone fell in love with these little guys. The movie only further feed that addiction showcasing them being all cute and adorable.

A new Augmented Reality game by Lucasfilms ILMxLabs has worked on a AR games that allows you to raise a family of porgs! From what they show cased it very much looks like a Tamagotchi because much like that you have to feed it and care for it.

Believe it or not but this actually has a little story to it as well. It is that chewbacca has left you with a device as well as a porg. As soon as you notice both of them a C3-PO comes up in the device and informs you on how to take care of them. And that’s pretty much it.

From what was displayed it’s almost like having a real pet. Even the developers said that themselves that they wanted to make a really immersive feeling. To make you feel as if you really own a porg. You can feed them, play with them, even point a laser at something and watch them chase it! With enough time you can even raise a little family of these guys and have a whole bunch run around your play area!


Instagram Will Be Hiding Self-Harming Photos

Instagram is taking yet another step to insure that users are safe from images or videos that they wouldn’t deem “Appropriate”. This new feature will put a giant blur on the photo and will only clear up if the user chooses to see it. This is meant to help prevent suicidal thoughts or actions, and this is gaining a lot of fuel because of a British teenager who took her own life do to seeing graphic imagines on Instagram and Pinterest.

Because of this Instagram is now investing in a engine to help detect things like that, as well as human users to help crack down on these kind of imagines. They already do this to some photos/videos by not letting them pop up on certain hashtags if they are caught. The CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri said that  Instagram will “better support people who post images indicating they might be struggling with self-harm or suicide.”

It is stated in the guidelines of Instagram that you can not post anything that would cause harm to others. But sometimes some slip through the cracks and they are not able to catch them all due to so many users. Instagram has also said that they don’t delete some as well because experts say it allows people to share their story and them heal. Back in 2016 they allowed users to disable comments on post to help prevent bullying and things such as that.

For anyone who feels alone please know that help is out there. And if you ever need help please call 1-800-273-8255. Which is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

SpaceX Fires New Engine For Its Next New Takeoff

SpaceX has just completed its first test fire of new Raptor engine that will be used to power the companies rocket. Elon Musk himself broke the news by going to twitter and posting videos showing off what it can do. The test was done in McGregor, Texas and will be following the success of the Merlin 1D engine. It’s expected that this will power the Starship to the Moon and Mars!

As stated before Musk posted both videos via Twitter one with sound and the other without. Needless to say the one with sound packed a punch in regards to audio. There are Raptor 3 engines expected to be installed in the Starship to allow it to do short hop test with low altitudes of 1,640 and 16,400 Ft! But the Starship is set to have 7 Raptor engines installed as well as 31 Super Heavy Boosters that will help carry it into the final frontier.  

Musk has went on to say that these rockets are “radically redesigned”. As opposed to traditional rockets they will be using Methane as fuel which they claim will make the rocket perform better. And on top of that it can be harvested on Mars for Fuel. It is important to add that the Raptor will need roughly 440,00 pounds to take off which is a lot more compared to current engines which take off at 190,000 pounds.

On Jan 5th they wanted to start testing the Starship within four to eight weeks. But due to back winds in Texas it caused some damage to the ship and pushed it back a little bit. But as of right now Musk still has his eyes set on a 2020 flight to Mars with no crew. And then another in 2024 with a crew heading to Mars.

Resident Evil 2 Remastered Review

It’s been well over 20 years since the masterpiece of Resident Evil 2 came out on the PlayStation 1. But now we get to revisit or in my case visit Racoon City. When the original cut of this game came out I was only 1! And needless to say when I got older I was way too scared to play it, so now that it’s a remastered I can finally get in on the action. And from someone who has never played RE2 (Resident Evil 2) until now it’s a work of art.


For starters the most notable thing about this game is the graphics, there is so much detail in literally everything in the game. From the second you shoot a zombie in the head you see the impact damage of it. Or even when you get bit by one for a little while you’ll have a bite mark on your neck. Even though that is a very small detail it’s one of many things that lets this game stand out and allows it to be great.



Even the lighting in most cases this would be a problem but horror games will always get a pass on this. Mainly the only source of light is your flashlight which as we all know only covers so much. More than have the time you see nothing but darkness then boom! You see/hear it a handful of zombies just waiting to eat you for dinner.


In today’s day in age there aren’t too many AAA survival horror games. So playing one is always a nice change of pace. Whenever I find myself playing I often have to ask myself questions like “Do I have enough ammunition”. Or “If I shoot do I have enough time to outrun the zombies”. Which is awesome it really forces me to question my actions and see if it’s worth the trouble or not. Or even what to carry! Because you can’t pick up everything you see sometimes making you sacrifice certain items you wouldn’t usually use.



That’s not even to mention the Lickers the more you progress in the game the more the seem to appear. But the cherry on top of that is they always seemed to be glued to zombies which always puts you in a stressful situation. Not knowing if you should fight or not.



As soon as you feel like you’ve escaped you hear these large footsteps in the distance. Only to find out you have Mr.X right behind you giving you that soulless stare. From the music it plays when he sees you to his footsteps you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat trying to find somewhere to hide from him.



The game is a great play through through and through. Even though I never played it when it originally came out. I can confidently say that I got the true Resident Evil 2 experience. If you been debating to buy it or not, or someone like me who’s never played the game do yourself the favor and buy it now.


With all that being said I’ll give it a 9.5/10

2019 The Year Of Dragon Ball

Even though Dragon Ball Super has already ended it seems like they have no plans on stopping that money train anytime soon. The hype around this franchise just keeps getting bigger and bigger, recently riding high off the success of their most recent movie Dragon Ball Super Broly. As well as having a massive tournament for Dragon Ball Fighter Z. They still have more plans!

Dragon Ball has just announced a new Dragon Ball game! This one is going to be a RPG which that alone sounds amazing. The new game is going to be called Dragon Ball Game Project Z. From the looks of it, it’ll be running off the same engine from Xenoverse which is great because both of those games looked beautiful.

But what should make this game different. Is from what it seems like it will purely focus on Goku and his story. The trailer shows a lot of iconic scenes from all points in time of the franchise. Such as Vegeta fighting Frieza, and Goku training with King Kai. The game doesn’t have any release date. Right now all we know is that it will be out sometime this year.

And if you thought Dragon Ball Fighter Z was done with DLC well think again! They have announced a new pack of characters that will be joining the fight. They are calling this season 2 of the game so be on the lookout for new fighters to join the roster in the near future. The fighters will include Jiren, Videl which will feature the great sayain man as a support character. As well as Broly and SSGSS Gogeta from the latest movie!


To put it in a nutshell all of these characters look breathtaking. And I’m sure everyone will be waiting to get a chance to play as them.

MIT Scientist Are Developing Lasers That Can Whisper To You

Reachers at MIT have discovered a new way for people to communicate with one another that being via laser beams. These beams are targeted to certain people so whoever the laser target is intended for will hear it. So if someone was to just get in the line of fire they would hear nothing.

This all works because of something called “photoacoustic” effect. That is when water vapor in the air absorb light. Thus creating sound waves allowing us to hear said message. The possibilities for this new technology could be great for military/government purposes it would allow them to send secure messages. As well as alert the proper authorities in case of a active shooter.

The lead researcher Charles M. Wynn went on to say this about his project. “This can work even in relatively dry conditions because there is almost always a little water in the air, especially around people”. “ And if you’re thinking that a laser at head level sounds like a bad idea, apparently it’s fine. “It is the first system that uses lasers that are fully safe for the eyes and skin to localize an audible signal to a particular person in any setting.”

As of right now a lot of this is still in development and not fully ready. So far the beams can only be heard from 2.5 meters which comes out ot 8 feet. But the team behind this hopes to extend the reach of this much further than 8 feet.

A New Console King Has Been Crowned

For quite some time now the PS4 has been the dominating video game console. Beating out both the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but at last a new King has finally emerged. And it is none other than the Nintendo Switch! It was deemed the best selling console of 2018.


Nintendo reached the highest annual sales in both sales and units sold last year. The last time something similar like this happened was back in 2015 with the PS4. Through this whole year it seemed like the PS4 was gonna remain on top. But come November Nintendo out sold them that month, and the holidays gave them that extra boost to take the crown.


Back in October of 2018 they sold over 22 million units! As well as announcing that the Legend Of Zelda sold over 10.3 million units. Mario Cart 8 sold 11 million units, and Mario Odyssey sold roughly 12 million units.


Three games alone helped Nintendo climb to the top this year as the most popular video get console. And that’s not including the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate that convinced a lot of people to purchase a Nintendo Switch.


It seems to look like Nintendo had a very promising year and it’ll be interesting to see if they keep the title for 2019.