10 easy study tips

Hey Roadrunners welcome back to Rio Hondo for the Fall 2017 semester. One thing that a lot of students have trouble with is studying, something that we all need to do to in order to become successful students. Google defines studying as “devote time and attention to acquiring knowledge on (an academic subject), especially by means of books.” Lots of people have there own way of studying, but I’ll tell you 10 easy study tips for the Fall 2017 semester.

The most common one is getting together with your peers and forming a study group. I found it very helpful discussing, what I had just gone over with my fellow classmates so that way I could better understand it. It’s also great too because there might be something you may of missed that one of your peers caught, and they’ll be able to show you.

Another great tip is going to your professor doing his or hers office hours. Usually on  the first day of school all professors hand out a syllabus with their office hours on it, as well as the location of their office. They will have no problem helping out one of their students when they’re in need after all that’s what they’re paid to do. Plus who else is better to ask than the professor themselves they know the material better than any other student in the class.

Taking good notes is the backbone of succeeding in college. You have to make sure that your writing is clean and precise to what your professor is talking about. It’s common for students to feel rushed during a lecture and write sloppy and fast(that’s okay). As long as you go back and rewrite your notes so you can better understand them, the faster the better so you won’t forget what the lesson was about.

Most if not all professors let you record lectures if you simply ask them to do so. Many students have found this method to be really effective because it puts you right back to when they were teaching. One of two students might ask a interesting question that you may have forgotten to write down, but now you can because you have the class on either audio or video. It allows you to relive the class in a sense. But it’s important that whoever your professor is gives you permission to do so.

If you ever need a nice silent spot to crack open your books and study, our helpful library offers study rooms to anyone who comes in and reserves one. These rooms are most effective because it’s just you or however you have to study. The library alone is a quite place and the study rooms are even more silent, so you shouldn’t have any distractions at all.

Use one of the oldest tricks in the book use flash cards. This is a study method that has been around almost as long as schools been invented. The reason why this is such a good method is because, it simulates a test in some ways. Write down the question on one side and the answer on the other. This is especially good for math write down the formal and question and try to figure it out. Even English with definitions. It’s a solid method that works for almost every subject.

Pace yourself try not to overwhelm yourself. It’s common for students to just devote hours to study all at once. This could be dangerous because you might get sleepy,bored, or daze off. Study in shifts for about 15-30 mins at a time, with 5 minute breaks in between so you can wind down. You might find it very helpful because you’re trying to cram everything within a long time.

Reward yourself who doesn’t like gifts.If you have 50 math problems to do answer about 10 and treat yourself, with a nice little snack or go on your phone. Even you have to read a few chapters do the same trick but this time check out what going on, on twitter. With rewarding yourself it gives you more motivation to study.

Have other someone test you. The only way to truly know if you understand the topic is by taking the test right. As soon as you feel like you completely understand whatever it is your studying, give a list of questions to someone and have them ask you. Try to get as many right as you possibly can. It’ll boost your self esteem and make you more confident come test day.

Lastly just head down to the LRC. They offer tons of help and offer to tutor you all free of charge. All you need to do is sign in and ask for help it’s that simple. They even offer computers for you to use for whatever school needs you have. They have lots of resources over there to help you in whatever you need.

Alright roadrunners there’s a couple helpful study tips. Hopefully these help all you succeed this semester. Good look and don’t forget studying is the backbone to succeeding.


Women’s College Launches Varsity ESports League

Stephens College in Columbia Missouri is jumping into the wonderful world of Esports. Matter of fact they’ve just announced their Varsity Esports team, with full support with scholarships. According to ESPN the program will start in the Fall of 2017, and they’re going to be competing in OverWatch. According to the college they chose OverWatch specifically b/c of it’s strong female characters.


Similar projects like this have launched but with mixed genders colleges across the U.S. Even University of Utah became on of the forefront schools launching a League of Legends varsity Esports program. Other major schools seem to be jumping on board and joining this cause.


Since Stephen’s College is an all Female school, there Esports team will consists of nothing but women. Making it the very first all female Esports team. This has never happened in the history of Esports so expect a grand entrance for them. Even though gender segregation is not a problem in the ESL. A ESL player by the name of Stephen Harvey stated she’d love to play for them to be “stepping stone” towards a more diverse league. Many other famous female gamers agree with her and would love to play for them, to be remembered as the first all female team.


Stephens college Overwatch team is going to be a very organized thing. They will be recruiting only the best of the best, with a six women starting team. As well as a six women bench team that will be ready when needed for help. All the lucky contenders will receive partial scholarships for competing. So going to college to play video games doesn’t seem all that bad. All the women who compete will have all the same benefits as any student athlete would have.


So if you feel like you could compete in the big leagues try out, They’ll commence this summer.