DCEU is relying heavily on flashbacks/forwards

The DCEU short for the DC Extended Universe has came out and said, it’s going to rely heavily on flashbacks and flashforwards in there upcoming films. Charles Roven the producer of Wonder Woman. In hopes to make the rest of the Justice League stories in check for Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. So that way there next big project will make sense.

Roven stated “For example, the Justice League movie will take place in a universe that’s post Batman V Superman, just like Batman V Superman takes place post-Man of Steel,’. So for the remainder of the Justice League their individual movies will take place post JL. Just like every movie verse whatever happens in Justice League will affect these characters in there solo films. To fill in the gaps of what happened in between those movies they’re going to use lots of flashbacks/forward so it could all make sense. But this won’t be the main formula for the DCEU.

As of right now we know next to nothing on what will happen in Justice League. Or how this will even cross of to the other members films. But what is certain that all three of these characters will finally make a debut in Justice League on Nov. 17th. As well as Wonder Woman on the 2nd of June.