Anime Expo 2019 Recap

For those who are unaware of Anime Expo is one of the largest anime conventions held in the United States. People come from all over just to spend their 4th of july weekend with fellow anime lovers. In a nutshell, it’s just like comic con but for anime (of course). But unlike comic con anime expo is on a whole another level. 

For example the line to get in, is insane! There’ll be lines stretching far across the entrance with people eagerly waiting to get inside the con. But even though the temperature outside wasn’t all that great due to the heat, it didn’t stop people’s excitement at all. As a matter of fact everyone was chatting and playing games with one another hyping one another up till they all got inside. But once you got inside it felt like you were on the ground floor at a concert, you’d be almost bumping into people left and right if you weren’t paying attention. It’s hard to believe that the LA Convention Center could hold so many people in a space as large as that.

But once you got inside the actual convention center, it was like stepping into a whole new world. It was almost unreal with all the anime companies and business that showed up. Right off the bat you’ll see huge names like Viz Media, or Funimation just right there in front of you. It gets super easy to just get lost within all the flashy stores presented in front of you all at once. With that being said of course they had tons of amazing things you can buy, with many walking away with the latest mangas, new DVD set, exclusive toys, and even free swag bags! Needless to say in order to not spend everything you had requires a whole lot of willpower.

But that was just one hall of the convention center, once you got over to the other side it was basically a hole new convention. It was mainly focused on gaming, but still true to the anime genre. One of the biggest things they had set up was with PUBG mobile, as well as yugioh tournaments going on at all hours of the day. So even if anime wasn’t all you went for they had plenty to keep you busy throughout the day.

Even if for some odd reason none of that was enough to get you to go the cosplays this year just like every year where breathtaking! The time that people put into these things are amazing. Seeing some of your favorite anime characters come to life is always a pleasant sight to see. To go further off that they had tones and tones of meet ups for all sorts of fandoms, so if you knew where to look you’d see some pretty neat cosplays. 

Lastly the panels they had were of course great. They had all sorts of great ones, but perhaps the one that got everyone the most excited was the My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode. The had a panel for just about everything. The only thing I wish they would of had was more panels even though there were a good amount, it seemed like they could of added more than what they had.

With all being said Anime Expo 2019 was a fun experience they had just about everything an anime lover could ask for. If you were on the fence about going to it this year do yourself a favor and attend next years. You won’t regret going.


Attack On Titan Tactics Review

At Anime Expo 2019 I was lucky enough to be invited to test out a new mobile game. Attack On Titan Tactics coming out early fall 2019 in the US, Canada, and Australia. The game is currently out in Japan right now and has over 1 million downloads so far. The company behind the game is DeNA they are a Japanese company that does a little bit of everything. They work in automotive, health care, and even own a baseball and basketball team in japan.

Now to get into the actual game itself Attack On Titan Tactics is tower defense game with real time strategy. But unlike your usual tower defense game this isn’t a slow base set up a turret and watch it play out. As a matter of fact, it kind of feels like another mobile game Clash Royal. In the way of how fast pace it is. As well as timing in regards to how you spend your points. Each character has cost a certain amount of points. And you have to wait till you have enough to play them out on the field. Much like Clash Royal but unlike clash you can’t have copies out on the field so if you have Levi out and his card comes again to play him and he’s still out there, you have to wait till he’s fully done to play him again. 

You have to survive a certain amount of waves. Each round with a team of characters that you choose before the game even starts. The higher you get in waves the more titans you’ll have to kill to complete it. With a Boss titan coming out every other wave. With that being said they’ll be a couple of different titans too for example you’ll face slow beefy ones, small and fast ones, and some normal titans too. So the game will throw a mix of them at you the more you progress. 

Each character in the game has there own unique playstyle. For instance conny will stay out and fight until his life is completely drained out. And Arwin will only attack a certain body part of the titan making them handicap temporarily. Even more if one of your team members is about to get eaten you can deploy someone similar to arwin to save them before they are killed off. But if you don’t have anyone on your team with that ability you’ll have to kill the titan before it’s too late. They even have canon balls and artillery you can set up to help fight the titans from a distance too. They have other classes too that will alter the way you play it.

You’ll even have a special bar too. The second it’s filled up you can use any character you have out and activate it. That will allow them to do more damage then they would usually do. As well as open a cool little animation so you can enjoy them killing whatever titan you chose in style. (Little tip I’d save it for a boss fight)

One thing that makes this game stand out is the level system too. The more you progress in the story the harder each level will become. Forcing you to use better and better characters so you stand a fighting chance. You can either buy them with in game money or use real life money to get better characters. But if you find your favorite AOT character early on and they’re weak have no fear. Because if you decide to you can upgrade them fully to the max level too. Which is something you don’t see too often in mobile video games and making it more consumer friendly. 

As mentioned before the game will have a story to it. It’ll launch with season one fully out. The game briefly touch on all the important parts that played out for the people who maybe don’t know anything about AOT. So that way they aren’t completely lost. As well as having original short episodes for just about every character that’ll give you a little bit more of an insight on them. They’ll have special events too so the game will be launching with a lot of content that’ll be sure to keep you busy for a little while.  To add a cherry on top it’ll even have the original sub cast in the mobile game too.

Attack On Titans Tactics was a blast to play I enjoyed a lot. And can’t wait until it’s out here in the united states because I know it’ll be my new mobile game to play all the time. 

Interview With Voice Actress Cissy Jones

For those who don’t know Cissy Jones is a voice actress who’s been in quite a few games. Some being Telltale The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Life is Strange, Destiny 2, Call Of Duty Black Ops, and Firewatch. She has a new game coming out called Afterpaty.

She loves being a voice actress. “It’s the greatest thing in the whole world” Jones explained. Before being a voice actor she used to work in corporate in Silicon Valley for 10 years. She studied business at college and having an insight on that helped guide her to becoming a voice actress. “I meet the right people, I took the right classes, I worked hard. I knew that it wasn’t going to happen overnight I knew I was going to have to spend money to make money.” Jones explained when making the jump. When she finally meet the right people too it helped give her the confidence to go full force into this industry.

Jones goes on to explain how working in voice over is totally different from camera work. “Voice over is some of the most supportive incredible buoyant jubilant people I’ve ever known in my whole life.” She explains how she encourages her friends to book the same job and they push one another forward.  

She explains the feeling of continuing to work on such big games as a rewarding feeling. “It’s fun to walk around this floor at E3 and be like oh I Besthda I was in Fallout 4. Warner Brothers I was in Spiderman, I was in that.”  She goes on to explain how she loves going to these events because she finally gets to see some of the people shes worked with but never saw in person.

Jones is a very determined and thriven voice actress. When asked if any company she’d want to work with she said “All of them, All of them. I want all of them, I want all the things everywhere. Video Games, trailers, commercials yes all of them.”  She’s never done any on camera acting, and has no interest in doing any at all. Jones goes on to explain that it doesn’t matter what she looks like because she can be just about anything you can think of. “As long as I am convincing as a voice that’s what matters” said jones.

She’s also done a number of different voice overs. She’s done commercials, trailers, soundalikes, animations and so much more. She loves working in so many different types of voice overs because of how unique everyone is. “Video games believe it or not are wildly different from animation. Commercials are wildly different from narrations.” explained jones.

Going into an audition and not fully knowing what you’re working on isn’t odd at all in this industry. Matter of fact she loves it because she can be herself in the audition but it can be a little troublesome. “It’s at once daunting and liberating. Because it’s daunting in the sense of I hope I nailed the tone that they’re looking for. And it’s liberating in the sense of like well I don’t know what you’re looking for, so I’m going to be a total idiot.” said Jones.

It’s often rewarding when she hears her own work. But at the same time she’ll often think to herself maybe she should of said something a little more different that what she recorded. Jones recalls her time on Firewatch and how well received the game is. Finding it shocking that people still contact her letting her know how much they loved her work.

When asked about Telltale she explain how heartbreaking it was. She knew so many people who worked for the company as well as so many friends that have lost their jobs because of the shutdown. “To have it go down the way it went down it broke my heart it broke all of our hearts. And to know that really talented people, really good kind genuine human beings were put in that position. I wanted to hold them all and hug them and get them new jobs immediately and it just doesn’t work that way.” said jones.

Working on a AAA game has a lot more of a strict process to follow according to jones. As on the other hand working on games like The Walking Dead Telltale they allow you to have more leeway.

Some of her fondest moments was when she got to work with one of her childhood voices maurice lamarche. It was for Batman Arkham Knight  she had a hard time keeping it together around him and loved every minute they worked together. Another being when had crossed paths with the late Stand Lee and sat on the same stool he sat on. “Technically I have shared butt heat with Stan Lee.” Jones said jokeling.  


Cissy Jones couldn’t speak more highly enough of the voice acting community. She has nothing but great things to say about it and has done so much great work, and continues to do so. Be sure to keep a look out for her new game Afterparty coming out soon. And follow her on twitter @cissyspeaks.

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Interview With Anjali Bhimani Voice Actress of Symmetra

For those who don’t know, Anjali Bhimani is the voice actress of Symmetra from the hit game Overwatch as well as Nisha from the Fallout 4 Nuka World dlc. Bhimani hasn’t been just a voice actress, she actually got her start from the theatre. “I’ve been an actress since the dawn of time, since like 1802”, she joked. She studied acting in college and has been in the industry ever since.

Bhimani attended Northwestern University for Theatre. For her the jump from being a theatre actor to being a voice actress wasn’t as big of a jump as one might think it would be. Bhimani stated, “You train your voice so much as a part of your work and your voice is such an important part of the portrayal of any character on stage.” She goes further to explain how in theatre you need to know how to project your voice in such a way for everyone to hear, so doing voice acting just seemed like a perfect fit for her.

But before she even started that she had a rich background in acting. After finishing school she decided to start acting in Chicago, then she moved to the Big Apple New York City! Where she was able to perform a show that went from Chicago to Broadway, as well as some opera. So needless to say she knows how to use her voice quite well. All of that lead to her working in TV, and now she resides in LA and will travel where work is needed.

Bhimani believes that one major key for her successful career is sleep. “If you’re not getting good sleep you can’t manage your time”, she said. She then goes to explain how sleeping is a key part of time management. She went on to say, “Don’t ever plan on multitasking, it’s a terrible idea; no one who multitasks and gives something 100% of their energy.”

Overwatch was her first major voice acting job, prior to that she had work in other minor jobs even doing the disclaimer in Tosh.o. When she was auditioning for her job at Overwatch she had no idea that the game would be as big as it got today. As a matter of fact she didn’t even know who she was auditioning for in Overwatch and even Fallout! “You generally don’t know who you’re auditioning for”, she said. They put you on a need to know basis when trying out for the part. When she had auditioned for Nisha she had no idea how she’d even look like. “I was actually thrilled I didn’t know what she looked like because I think I would have voiced her differently.”  

Working on a game like Fallout wasn’t as much as big shift as opposed to working on Overwatch, even though Fallout is known for all the different dialog options. The one major thing that she found different was the character she voiced. “Nisha is a blood-thirsty psychopath and Symmetra is not”, she said. Overwatch was more understandable to her due to her life experiences but when she saw the trailer for Nuka World it was a step outside her comfort zone that she loved.

Bhimani is a gamer, but as she describes herself as a gamer, she goes on to admit, “I am terrible at first person shooter.” A big reason why is because she currently plays on console, but she grew up gaming on PC so the change is a bit difficult for her. She did seem to love the new battle royal mode in Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter. She said, “I just played the new battle royal mode they have for Fallout here and it was crazy it’s awesome!”

When she happens to play a game that she’s in, it’s easy for her to forget that she’s actually in it. When playing Overwatch she often feels like Symmetra is taunting her because of how well put together she is as a character. For example when Symmetra says “I will correct my mistakes” Bhimani responds “No I won’t I don’t know what I’m doing please for the love of god please stop telling me to do better.”

One of Bhimani’s aspirations is that she would love to work in anime. She’s often fond of how much of a positive impact it has on peoples’ lives. She said, “I really love how much anime can really touch people emotionally and how many great messages there are out there.” She hasn’t gotten around to it yet but one anime she has on her que is My Hero Academia. She grew up watching anime and has a deep love for it.

She finds it incredibly rewarding when people come up to her, and explain how her work helped them out or inspired them to do something in a positive way. One thing she loves about Symmetra is that she’s an empowering role model, “Both because she’s indian and she’s in a stem field and a female.”

She wanted to let ladies and gentlemen all over know in order to succeed in any field that they should “Spend more time on focusing on what you are and cultivating that and less time limiting what you aren’t and can’t change. Because so many of us partially women, but I think so many of us across the board men and women wishing they were something different. Wishing you were tall , if you’re short, wishing you were from a different background, have a different set of skills, more or less athletic. Sure that can sometimes be an inspiration to work had to become something but sometimes it’s you beating yourself up for something you really don’t need too.”

Anjali  Bhimani is a lovely person to meet. If you ever see her at a con or anywhere be sure to say how much you love her work and introduce yourself, trust me you won’t regret it.
To keep up with Anjali Bhimani be sure you follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

Interview With Jerk Gustafsson Executive Producer At Machine Games

For those who are unaware of Jerk gustafsson he is the executive producer at machine games. And has overseen all of latest Wolfenstien games that’s been released. He also plays a big part in the game designs too.

The inspiration behind the idea of creating this what if the nazis had won the war, was to add all sorts of elements into the game. “We wanted to give ourselves the opportunity to add some more fantastic elements into game. So the main reason for taking alternate history when the nazis won the war was to be able to add both fantastic elements like lasers and robot” said gustafsson.

When the game had first relased they’re had been a surge of neo-nazi beleifs all around. That was something that had gotten to him and his team, but that still didn’t stop them from continuing there work. “The nazis are the antagonist the enemies they are portraying the evils of the world. So of course we have to treat it with it serously” said gustafsson. They’re well aware of the sensitive topic of nazis so gustafsson and his team make sure they don’t promote any kind of harmful beliefs. But they still plan on staying true to the core of the game that being fighting hitler and the nazis.

Gustafsson is aware that when putting nazis in a game, it automatically makes it political. But making any kind of political agenda is never how there goal. One thing the game is great at is showcasing all sorts of different people that come together to stop the Nazis no matter the cost. “The reason for the different nationallys and different type of people  is that we want to show that everyone is getting together to fight this nazi oppression.” said gustafsson A message that is showcased is that we as a human race and do anything if we all come together.

Creatively is something they do not lack at machine games whatsoever. In the game you do go to space and fight space nazis! “When we decided to do the moon that was actually something we decided very early on. To go crazy and that’s something we did with the alternate history.” said gustafsson. He then goes on to explain the big reason why the top nazis live in space is because no one can touch them up there.

When asked if they have a new Wolfenstien in the projects, gustafsson explained how they have a lot of plans in the future and didn’t want to talk about it. So maybe we might be getting a new one somewhere down the line.

The reason for adding co-op wasn’t really planned. “We didn’t plan for that when we decided anya was going to bear twins. But when we decided that lets try to do something new.” gustafsson then goes on to say “After 20 years we basically have single player story driven games with male heroes. We have always basically done the same type of game” said gustafsson. They were wanting to try something completely new that they haven’t done before.

Having two females protagonist in Young Blood wasn’t something that was really planned. The idea wasn’t set in stone whatsoever it just so happened that this fits the story best. “If we had decided when we started New Colossus that anya would be having twin boys then we would have two boys in the game” said gustafsson. But gustafsson  is thrilled that they choose to have two females as the lead in the game. “I’m super happy that we did they are of course still Blazkowicz they are still these really kick ass nazi killers and they have learned from the very best of course.” said gustafsson.

Gustafsson went on to explain more on his excitement for taking this route. “I’m very happy not only that we did co-op but I’m also very happy that we did choose to go the route of using Jes and Soph. Because I think we have some really strong female power in the game. That is powerful in itself.” said gustafsson.

One noticeable change about YoungBlood is that they’ve introduced a level system. For both you and the enemies and depending on what level you are as opposed to the enemy will affect your fight. Gustafsson had this to say about that “To make sure you can play this game for a long period of time.”

Interview With Bill Stillwell Director of Product Planning For Project X Cloud

For those who may be unaware Project X cloud is a new project that Microsoft is working on. Basically in a nutshell, you’ll be able to stream any xbox game from your phone, much like google announced with google stadia.

When using Project X cloud one thing you’ll be sure to notice is that it runs pretty smooth for the most part. There are no drop in graphics or framerates whatsoever. “A key element for us is our partnership with Azure. Azure gots the worlds largest global data center footprint and that allows us to have co-location of our servers near all the major population centers” said Bill Stillwell. That allows them to have the fastest connection to allow you to stream your game without much lag. And they are still looking for ways to even more improve your experience when using X cloud.

One question you may be asking yourself is how much will this run my data? Or will I need wifi to use Project X cloud. Stillwell said “We’re running an internal take home with our microsoft employee right now we run it on both 4G and Wifi. And we find that we take about  the same amount of bandwidth video distribution service would.” So in theory it would take the same amount of data as it would to stream a video on your phone. They believe that no matter how flashy the game is, with all sorts of colors or anything like that it’ll still run smooth.

There’ll be one of two ways to use this streaming service. One being what they showcased so your xbox will serve as a personal server. And the other will be using Project X cloud to actually stream the games. As of right now it’s unclear if they will make an app to use X cloud due to it still being in development.  And if you decide to use the console streaming anything you own digitally you’ll have access to stream.

According to Stillwell the announcement of Stadia didn’t play a part in project X cloud at all. “Not at all, I think the industry is seeing a shift and that’s why you’re starting to see this kind of news cycle pick up. But we’ve been working on streaming technology for a long long time.” Said Stillwell. It just so happens that stadia had beat them to the punch line when it came to showcasing their works first.  They don’t believe this will end physical consoles they solely want this for the consumers to have more than one way to game. “We started the cloud work in parallel with Project Scarlett and in fact I am excited about the next generation of consoles. And I see consoles being a mainstream product for a very long time” said Stillwell.

As of right now they haven’t announced what kind of device will be needed to use Project X cloud and that’ll be announced sometime in the future if you’ll need any at all.

Project X cloud was a really ambitious idea and it seems to be that they know exactly what they’re doing. It’s going to be fun to see this fully when it finally rolls out to the public.

Interview With Voice Actor Jon Bailey

Jon Bailey has been a voice actor for 10 years and has worked on a number of different projects if it’s not from video games, youtube videos, even cartoons. He’s done a lot of work with Xcom, Transformers, and Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite.

One thing that is different from voice acting as opposed to on screen acting is the set up. “It’s a lot easier on the side of things you don’t have to get ready for hours and hours and you don’t have to go through hours of makeup and go on location” said Bailey. But it performs the same way. The way he had started was pretty inspiring, his wife had made him a social media page that had a pop up ad that lead to a local studio. His local studio work had gotten him notice by people in LA all while that was going on he had following on youtube and people had noticed him through that as well. The perfect storm came together for him and helped him brand himself. “I started from nothing” said bailey.

Bailey reflects on his childhood memories to when he first her optimus prime actor on the original voltron cartoon he thought to himself “Man that’s what I want to be one day is that” He wasn’t too sure what it meant at the time so we took it upon himself to educate himself on who voice who at the time. “Back then there wasn’t much internet there wasn’t a lot of information compiled for you yet” said bailey. After that he networked as much as he could as well as all the proper coaching too.

Bailey goes on to say on how certain jobs are more of a strain on your throat than others. Video games is one that he mention right off the bat. “Video games often require battle screams, and victory cries,and getting hurt, or attacking other characters.” stated bailey. He went on to explain it’s best to plan those when you know you’ll have time to recover from them. He then went on to explain how you can’t get sick at all. Being a father of children makes it that much more difficult for him to stay in good health. Calling out of work isn’t an option in this industry at all. He explains why “If you are sick then somebody else will just get the job and that could cost you.”

When asked about how one could get into the voice acting industry bailey stated that in today’s day in age it varies. You could know the right people, or have a large social media following, or even having a good reel on youtube could land you a job. Back then it used to be fairly easy to become a voice actor. “You had to be in Los Angeles you had to have some kind of reel. You could literally walk off the street into a studio and say hey I wanna do funny voices.” said bailey. But in today’s age times have changed and you have a lot more people wanting to do this, making it that much harder to land a job.

Jon Bailey is one of the few youtubers who’s made it into a professional field of work that he’s in. Not many who have sought out to do so have actually succeeded in it. He explains how youtube isn’t a great way to try to make it professionally because of how many people are out there trying to do what your doing. He still struggles with getting success on his own youtube channel.

He goes on to explain how it’s different in every media for voice acting. Bailey mentions the Mortal Kombat 11 a popular fighting game and how they talk at a slow rate. “You have to give the player time to read through the subtitles if they’re hearing impared and the audio has to match the length of the subtitles.” So the actors have to say there lines in a set amount of time, and have to talk against there normal standards. He explained how in commercials and trailers you have to say so much in such little time.

One of his favorite jobs are the ones where he gets to voice transformers. He’s done optimus prime in cartoons and even shock wave and sound wave in the bumble bee movie that came out in 2018. The two transformers that he voiced in the movie were his favorite growing up and even till this day. He was unaware of the time when he was doing the VO for the transformers in the bumble bee movie that Travis Knight was in the room with him. And they just talked about transformers all day. “I’m sitting there having this conversation about shock wave and sound wave with travis knight like we’re just bros who like transformers.” Said bailey. It didn’t dawn on him till after he was done that he had just geeked out with the director of the movie he was voicing.

One thing he would like to have is a regular or a recurring role in an animated series. In an audition that he did and won fair and square and not a youtube animated short. He would love to get an actual network series. He explained how its hard to do because there’s a small circle of voice actors who do just about everything. He explained how networking is the key to break into the mainstream audience and you have to have a strong following too.  

Jon Bailey is an incredibly talented gentlemen who truly has a gift. If you find yourself with free time be sure to look him up his username is the same thing across the board @EpicVoiceGuy