Bandersnatch Review

Lots of people have been waiting for the long anticipated season 4 of Black Mirror. And many thought it would drop by the end of this year (2018). But of course it didn’t instead Black Mirror took a complete 180 and made a choose your own adventure movie. Needless to say that alone got tons of people pumped to try out this movie. And see what kind of trouble you could get into.


Just like a choose your own adventure book the movie has countless endings, and it seems pretty daunting for one person to unlock them all in one playthrough. At first the chooses you are given are pretty simple from what to eat in the morning to what music to listen to. You play as a young man named Stefan who wants to make a choose your own adventure video game in the 80’s.


It’s pretty ironic that making the game is his one true goal. They even take jabs at the player making jokes about it. But quickly the game takes a left turn and becomes dark and twisted super fast. You’ll often ask yourself “wait what just happened”. Or “Okay how in the world did we end up here”.


It doesn’t really matter if you “beat” the game because it always gives you a checkpoint. So if you want to keep playing you can start from a certain point and carry on with it.


It’s a little harder to really get a beat on any character. Because in most movies you can dive deep into someone and understand a little why they are the way they are. Because every decision you make can drastically change the way someone is. So it’s almost pointless to dive deep into anyone because they behave purely on what you decide.


While playing the game it didn’t feel like anything new though. I keep getting the feeling that I was playing a high end telltale game. It had almost everything a telltale game would have, it felt like a copy almost down to the core. It even gave you about 10 seconds to make a decision before just like the game. But needless to say it seems like Netflix and Black Mirror learned from them and picked up on what made them so fun and popular. Hopefully they continue to make more like this in the future.


With all that being said the game/movie is definitely a foot in the right direction for Netflix. The acting of course was nothing less than great, and the camera work along with the special effects were amazing. It’s unclear if Netflix will continue to do more things like this but one can hope so. The final rating I’ll give this is a 9/10.


New Fingernail Senor Tracks Your Health By Your Grip

Depending on the strength of your grip is a good way to tell if you’re healthy or not. Also at times it can be linked to Parkinson’s which can affect the way your heart even works. To help detect early signs of this IBM has developed a fingernail sensor that can detect your grip strength. It uses AI to provide some insight on the matter. It should be able to tell when you’re doing just about anything with your hands such as using your keys, opening a door, or even opening a pill bottle.


The sensor will link up with a smartwatch and that’s when the AI does it’s job. What it will do is look for things such as Parkinson’s, tremors, bradykinesia (it makes you move slower) and even dyskinesia (making it harder to move). IBM stated that it will used a neural network to help identify if you have any cognitive or motor skills issues.


Although this sensor was originally intended to detect Parkinson’s it could be used for so much more than that. It could potentially save a lot of lives by catching some diseases early on. As well as possibly become more usable in the future. It is important to add there is already something like this but it’s a skin sensor and that has proven to be a little problematic for elderly people. As for the nail sensor you wouldn’t have to worry about that it’d fit snug right on your finger.

Microsoft Helps Make Halo Prosthetic Arm

343 the company behind the Halo franchise has teamed up with Limbitless Solutions. A non-profit business that specializes in making prosthetic limbs. What 343 has done is allow this company to make arms look like they are straight from Halo that are fully functioning. The best part about this is, that this is being made for children to use and it will be donated to the recipients.


Starting next year Limbitless will be rolling out two halo themed options. One being the a carbon copy of Master Chief’s Mark VI amo, with the classic green color. While the other arm will be one from the multiplayer options that the kids can customize with their favorite colors.


From a visual standpoint it looks remarkable. Just like how you’d imagine it look like in real life. But this isn’t the only thing that microsoft has done to help people with disabilities. They just realised it’s Xbox Adaptive Controller which allows people who can’t play video games due to disabilities to play, it hooks up with the Xbox One and Windows 10 pc.


It’s also important to note that microsoft isn’t the only company to be doing this as well. As a matter of fact League of Legends is doing the same thing with the same company. They’re making to be designed as Landing on Odyssey Jinx, Star Guardian, Shurima, Illaoi, and Maokai. All of these designs will roll out in 2019 as well.


A big reason why Limbitless is doing is so kids can feel more comfortable. So that way when they look at there new arm they can feel more like a hero and not be embarrassed about it.

Interview With: Eric Vale An Anime Voice Actor

Voice Acting is something that is easily over looked. When you watch a cartoon or an anime you get lost in the animations. But if you actually listen to them you can hear how much heart and soul is put into literally giving these characters a voice. Eric Vale, who is known for voicing Future Trunks in the Dragonball Z Super, Yuki Sohma in Fruits Basket, and Sanji in One Piece. Even Loke in Fairy Tail, as well as Shigaraki in My Hero Academia. He is one of many talented voice actors who’ve been fortunate enough to be in this field of work.

He was one of many guests at Los Angeles Comic Con and I had the opportunity to dig a little deeper into his career and what he feels towards certain topics regarding anime. As well as one role that he looks back on and smiles.

Vale is a strong believer that animes need to have interesting characters. Making villain roles that much more fun to play because of how much more fun you can have.

He further explains how he wasn’t too sure if My Hero Academia or Dragonball would kick off. Going on to say anime as a whole “anime is a dying industry, and then it just keeps getting bigger and more popular all the time.”. Vale continues to dive deeper into what he believes made anime more popular in the states saying “a higher caliber of talent being brought on board to do the dubs”. All the major companies started to bring on people who studied to do this and pros who they believed would turn out a success.He stresses that the story telling needs to be great to keep people watching.

Vale goes on to explain of what emotions he felt when he thought one of his most popular roles Trunks wouldn’t be in Dragon Ball Super. Then the shocking surprise of his return and how differently he could portray him. One thing that was interesting is how Vale will do everything in his power to not watch sub. (Anime in Japanese with english subtitles)

“I prefer to keep it fresh it allows me as an actor to be more in the moment”

He then goes on to continue on why he loves to voice Shigaraki and dives deep into his character. He explains “In some ways he’s similar to the Joker”. Further explains it because he just wants to create mayhem and destruction.

Eric Vale is beyond talented at what he does, and is clearly good at it too. If you’re not really into anime, some of his work will definitely get you into it. Be sure to show this man love and support.

His Social media handles are.

Twitter @Ericvale

Instagram @ericvalerocks

And Facebook :


Link is for full interview and photo credit Luis Gutierrez:

Titans Season 1 Review

This past friday (12/21/18) the long anticipated Titans season 1 came to an end. The show has been had a bit of a bumpy ride leading up to its release. Many fans being judgmental of the show based off the looks of some of these iconic characters. And of the most part the fans were right for the most part no one really looked the part expect for the boy wonder Dick Grayson. But the looks of the show are something you can turn a blind eye on once you actually watch it.


The show takes place in what we can assume be one of many off worlds in the DC universe, and it explores a much more darker side of these heroes than were traditionally used too. We see a damage Dick Grayson not physically but mentally, he’s angry and so much more brutal than we’re used to seeing him. It explored a route that we don’t see too much in comics that being the hatred he had for Bruce Wayne right after leaving him. And right off the bat you can tell why he’s holding these strong feelings of hatred towards him.


It’s hard to be your own hero while living in the Batman’s shadow. As well as what kind of things you think you can get away with, and struggling to believe you’re actually a good guy. But as the show progress you do begin to see him change as they all start to unite one by one.


As for some of the others it doesn’t really focus too much on any of them at all more or less it’s not really the “Titans” show it more  of “Dick Grayson” show. But that’s not to say that the other characters didn’t have there own great stories. A key example of this is Star Fire she had so much potential for her own story. They told you next to little about her or her past life, making you want to know so much more about her. And what little tid bits they fed you kept you hooked for more. But they quickly abandon that whole route of her being some kind of mob boss.


It was a shot and a miss with her much like her other arcs in the show like when her and Dick slept with one another it was forced and felt awkward because it is mention every now and then, but nothing ever comes out of it. Finally with her last part when you think she’s about to destroy the world all it took to calm her down was a whooping by Donna Troy and then she snapped back to her good old self, and all was forgiven shortly after.


As for the last two Beast Boy and Raven they’re stories intertwine smoothly. Raven is thrown into the dark twisted world with powers she knows nothing about. While Beast Boy on the other hand has a good understanding on his powers but not fully. For most of the show both are stuck to each other like glue. Making you love them as an awkward teenage couple. Raven of course is this edgy teenager while Beast Boy is this happy cheerful person, they balance out one another. And whenever one did fall the other was sure to pick em up.


They touch on Beast Boy’s story just a little with the Doom Patrol which was great. It’s a quick high and by but just enough and maybe in the actually Doom Patrol show they’ll touch more on him. As for Raven when the show isn’t about Robin it’s about her. The whole show she’s on the hunt from her father. Not knowing who to really trust, but she finds family in the Titans.


As for the rest of the show it starts off strong. Many people were quick to dismiss it right away. As previously stated it would’ve been nice to see the Titans together in action more than we did. And even flesh out the other characters a little bit more, but sometimes we can’t always get what we want. The introduction of Hawk and Dove was great they were a nice change of pace for the show. Although it could of gone without them and the show would of been just fine.


Even as adding Jason Todd into the show was a nice fan service. But just like Hawk and Dove it would of been just fine without him. But actually seeing these characters come to live was fun to watch. One thing that was really cool was how they all held Batman to this god like being. He wasn’t in the show till the very end which was really displeasing on how they introduced him.


The show does come out with a bang and have tons of enjoyable moments throughout the whole season. But near the final stretch they start to stumble a bit. Losing momentum with episodes that should of been shown a lot early. That really messes with the entire show. The final episode felt like nothing was really gained up until the final couple of minutes. But the last scene and the post credits gave me enough hope to see them bounce back. Overall the show is good giving it a 6.5/10.


PS if you don’t want to pay to watch it start the 7 day free trial and binge the entire show.

Fortnite Season 7 Is A Winter Wonderland

The highly anticipated season 7 is finally here and it’s differently full of new and exciting content! For the last few days near the end of last season they’ve been teasing something new. With snow falling at spawn island and even Epic teasing posters on social media. It was no secret due to time season 7 started it would have something to do with Christmas. And of course it does and along with it lots of gifts for us.

The most noticeable change is this giant winter part of the map that’s been added taking up a little less than half of the map.

Photo credit: Luis Gutierrez

Inside the snow is a ton of new things to do with a few new locations to land at. Some places looking like something straight out of a christmas movie.

Photo Credit: Luis Gutierrez

While others are pointing to something a little more darker. Maybe to help push the story line for season 7. We won’t know for sure the meaning of everything added in the game right away, but I’m 100% sure we will in time.

Even with all the new changes in the map there something’s got simply destroyed like Greasy. Now what once was Greasy is now nothing, it got completely flooded and is covered with ice.You can go into some buildings and see the ice covering a lot of things which is pretty to look at.

Probably one of the best things they’ve added this season was airplanes! You can find a good number of them in the snow part of the map and have the whole squad right on them with you. It’s a super fast way to get from A to B and you even have some pretty fun dogfights on them.

Photo credit: Luis Gutierrez

They’ve even added railings to help get up and down from certain areas. Which beats the purpose of building and wasting mats to get up.

Photo Credit: Luis Gutierrez

As far as the battle pass goes it’s as good as you’d expect it to be. They really went more into the tier skins for characters. Before it only used to be two characters that you could upgrade to get better skins but in this one they have four! All as good as the last. To build off that even more you can finally unlock skins for you guns and even vehicles!

When it comes to the locker they added menus in every category of stuff making it so much easier to navigate through all the emotes,skins,dances and everything else.

It seems like Epic knows what the fans want before we even ask for it. There are only a little more than 80 days till the season ends. So be sure to unlock as much as you can before it does!

Hacker Hacked Printers To Tell People To Subscribe To Pewdiepie

For quite sometime now the massive youtuber Pewdiepie has been having a subscriber war with another youtube channel named T-Series. A India music channel that is tailing him for the most subscribers on youtube. As of writing this Pewdiepie is ahead but only by 100,000 subscribers. Both channels have 72 millions subs.

Pewdiepie has been very vocal about this mostly joking on how he might lose the number one spot. Encouraging people to share his video so he can remain number one. One loyal fan even went to buy billboards ads, car ads, and even go on the radio to promote him.

It seems to be that his loyal fanbase is at it again, but instead of buying ads a hacker by the name of TheHackerGiraffe hacked roughly 50,000 printers. When he hacked them he printed out a simple message for everyone near these printers to see which was subscribe to Pewdiepie.

Many people from around the world went on twitter to voice there confusion about the whole thing.

So this just randomly printed on one of our work printers. I think @pewdiepie has hacked our systems” – Dr. Moxmo(@Dr_Moxmo)

@Pewdiepie I work in IT around Brighton and our printers are being hacked… is this your propaganda?”- Georgia Barton(@Georgia_bizzle)

People from all around the world were hit with this friendly hack. The hacker had said he was able to do this thanks to which is a search engine for unsecured internet connected devices. He even said there were about 800,000 printers total that came up for him to hack.

He sent the message using a tool known as Printer Exploitation Toolkit or PRET for short. In a nutshell PRET allows you to hack printers and do whatever you want with them. He went on to tell the he did it because “I am honestly a huge fan of Pewds to begin with, but at the same time I wanted a light hearted message that would kind of humanize me instead of a big scary YOU’VE BEEN HACKED”.

He went on to say “I am a huge fan of Pewdiepie and thought it might give him a slight edge in his struggle to remain number one.”

So if you don’t want your printer to be hacked or don’t like Pewdiepie make sure to beef up your printer security.