NASA Will Be Using Moon Dust To Build Structures

NASA new focus is going back to the moon, and this time they’re not interested in just leaving a flag behind. NASA administrator said “This time when we go, we’re going to go to stay”. Which are some pretty bold claims. Well it seems to be that the moon has more supplies to offer.

Scientist are fairly certain that water lays on the moon. Back in 2008 solid ice was found on the moon thanks to India’s Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft. And again in 2009 after crashing it’s LCROSS spacecraft in the moon’s south pole. Finding water on the moon is obviously a big deal for many reasons. But from besides needing it to live they could use the water and hydrogen to fuel the spacecrafts. Which is a major bonus.

One thing that NASA scientist have there eyes on is the dirt on the moon. Also known as regolith they could use this to help them 3D print things that they would need. So they wouldn’t have to send up as many supplies any more, instead they could send up a few robots and mine some regolith. So they could print whatever it is that they need in space.

This is still a little far off but it’s nice to see NASA thinking long term, and coming up with bold ideas.


Ads May Be Going To Space Next

Ads are everywhere there is almost no way of escaping from them. You go on Instagram you see them, Youtube you see them, and even by walking outside. Well it seems to be that space the final frontier may very well have ads floating around soon.

Back in August  NASA a Jim Bridenstine had told his peers that he’d be forming a new committee. To help them go more commercial. The head of this new committee will be Maxar Technologies, he’ll be in charge of making sure NASA can brand it’s spacecrafts. As well as letting astronauts have more endorsements, just like professional athletes.

The main reason for this whole idea is to of course save money. They want to offset the cost of certain missions that NASA does. Bridenstine believes that letting astronauts have endorsements will make space travel more popular so it can get more funding.
This idea goes against some of the oldest ways of NASA. They’ve been restricted from promoting themselves in commercial products or services. One fear is that this might change the way they talk to the press and others. Losing some professional ability. Not to mention that the ad money they get might not be enough to offset. NASA has a limited budget with some missions costing  hundreds of millions to even billions of dollars!

After all NASA is a government agency. And government employees are not supposed to have any endorsements of any kind. They’ve gone the extra mile too to cover up any brand names, for instance they send M&Ms up to space for the astronauts to eat. But NASA calls them “candy-coated chocolates”. In some videos of astronauts in space you may be able to see some named products but NASA never acknowledge them at all.

Although NASA can not accept endorsements, there partners can. For instance a Canadian astronaut sang David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” in space and sold it once he landed in earth. And Russia space agencies have even filmed commercials up there.

But NASA has found some loopholes in the system and has managed to sell some products. Like you’ll see a hot wheel toy with NASA spacecraft. You may of even seen some NASA shirts and clothes too. Bridenstine has said too with these ads they would be able to return to the moon. They’re working with other companies too such as Space X and Boeing.  But they can only spend as much money as congress approves.

Another big fear is that tax payers who help fund NASA may not be on board with this. Some private companies don’t want them to go public at all. But everything is still in talks. And the New committee will decide what they will do with NASA. But as of right now it looks like they might lean that way.

Russia Preps it’s First Manned Lunar Moon Landing

So Russia is finally getting into the space game once again after being quiet for some time.Russia’s space agency Roscomos is taking its first steps in achieving its first manned lunar landing. They’ve started to recruit people to be potential cosmonauts. They’re looking for about six to eight people who have worked in engineering or aviation or any experience with the space industry. Roscomos is going to be putting all trainees through many stages such as psychological, physical, and medical. All of these test will go on until only four remain. Those who are around will be part of landing the first manned lunar on the moon. Russia has even named the spacecraft Federatsiya, which has a year to be launched in 2031.


“There will be no discrimination based on skin color or gender” said by the executive director. Applications will be open for the next four months as well, so if you want to go space sign up now. Now to pilot such an advance ship there only looking for the best.  To fly it you must be at least 35 with a minimum height of 4’11 and a max of 6’2, also can’t weigh over 199 pounds. The pilot must have some knowledge in IT skills and have a engineering degree or ploit training in aviation or space industry.


With such a high demand in fitness all the men must be able to perform a cross country ski for 5km.  There going to undergo intense training and including gynecological exams for the women. To insure everyone is in top physical shape.


Russia currently has about 30 cosmonauts, but about 14 who has not been to space. With the oldest being 58 years old Gennady Padalka. Who holds the world record for total time spent in space. You can only apply online or in person in Star City astronaut training centre outside moscow

Space Travel with NASA in VR

Oculus Rift has made headlines once again with it’s newest project. Mission ISS is the latest project that allows everyday people such as you and I to explore the international space station! It is currently free for all Oculus rift and Touch owners. It’s a detailed recreation of the space station where players  can do all sorts of things normal astronauts would do such as spacewalks, dock cargo capsules, even “perform mission-critical task”. It was even designed by NASA themselves and many other space agencies. They’ve put in all this effort to really give you the full astronaut experience. 

When Mission ISS was announced last year, one of the head developers of Oculus has said it’s almost the same simulation that NASA uses. With almost life like simulation it’s going to give the player a full immersion and taste of being in space. But it’s important to add that this isn’t the first time NASA has worked with virtual reality. They’ve played such a key role in making this all possible in the 1980’s through the 1990’s helping people capture breathtaking pictures. They’ve even helped make Mars 2030, which is very similar to Mission ISS. Which allows you to travel mars freely. All of this was made in hopes to educate people on space in a fun way.

Oculus is hoping to make space travel look more accessible for everybody. The release of this isn’t  too far off from them sending a headset to space. With partnership with French agency they want to send an astronaut to space. In hopes of “testing out a zero-gravity on humans spatial awareness and balance”.  As well at the same time not make it very nauseating. 

As of right now lots of people have plenty of questions. Oculus has seemed to be pretty secretive for the most part.